New Chris Akrigg Video!

by Chipps 38

It's like XC riding, only bigger and better...

Mongoose pro rider Chris Akrigg goes for a ride on his bike…

It’ll either make you inspired to ride, or want to hide your bike in the shed.

Chris was interviewed in Issue 50 of Singletrack, still available to buy in the Shop – and Singletrack Premier users can read it now.

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  1. I think i’ll hide in the shed with my bike.

  2. Aceness. I love watching that guy ride.

  3. Awesome stuff, just shows you don’t need a trials cycle to ride like that. Well, he doesn’t anyway….

  4. as my other half always says ‘real trials bikes do have suspension’

    I keep rminding him they also have engines but then i also keep reminding him to pick his dirty socks up but he doesnt listen to that either….

  5. Mightily impressive. A joy to watch.

  6. right, im off out for a ride. thanks!

  7. wow, brilliant riding, lovely UK countryside as well

  8. roughneck – a lot / all of its Calderdale I think. Recognise the Gorple reservoirs, Lumb Falls etc… so my local stomping ground which is a bit of a pisser because I can’t ride it quite as well as CA!

  9. Great vid, love his style! Anyone know the music?

  10. looks like cow and calf@Ilkley Moor, shipley glen/the woods below Harden Moor maybe and at the end he comes out of lee lane and down to the Malt Shovel @ Harden for a pint. not sure about the res. or bridge

  11. His best vid yet I think

  12. Great mix of the truly impressive and stuff us mere mortals can aspire to just like the original ‘Dirt’ video of many years ago.

  13. Thats how I imagine stuff can be ridden when I look at it, all subtle shifts and control.
    Man he makes it look smooth…

  14. my jaw dropped on a few occasions watching that. Technically snazzy.. i’m sure he’s running his sus pretty hard on that bike.

  15. blimey, no wonder he always rides on his own

    i’m not worthy

  16. All very well, but he still drinks shandy


  17. really enjoyed that,amazing ability shown there,

  18. he is quickly establishing himself as god status as far as i am concerned.
    i bow before his skills

  19. An inspiration as ever……talented git!

  20. Feckin’ L, the man should go to “Britain’s Got Talent”.

  21. he’s a bit good eh? but did he really drink that tea?

  22. love 2:48 and 2:57 moves…….amazing he had the energy the ground he covered in that ride……!

  23. He makes it look unreal… Fantastic stuff

  24. mad skillz. even more impressive because he’s riding full sus!

  25. that was great,, way better than the fixie one the other week,, so thats it off out for a ride,, wish i had just a little of that skill and confidence,,,

  26. Eeeeee, looks reet niiice

  27. I wanna ride my bike now and pretend I’m as good as that.

  28. Top vid as ever from CA. Feeling suitable inspired I’ll be out for a ride tonight me thinks… 🙂

  29. WOW that was just brilliant!! loved how smooth he makes it look, more vids like this please fella!!

  30. Don’t have a shed. Think I’ll start building one.

  31. blimey…you can see how the bike handling skills from trials riding come in handy!

  32. Just lovely to watch. Kids should learn to do trials stuff soon as they can walk I reckon.

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