Dalby World Cup Goes Ahead As Planned

by Chipps 1

British Cycling has released the following statement about this weekend’s world cup race.


The 2010 UCI Mountain Bike Cross-Country World Cup in Dalby Forest, Yorkshire, scheduled for 23 – 25 April, is going ahead as planned despite disruptions to air travel across Europe caused by volcanic dust.

The event will remain a full point scoring round for the overall World Cup standings, with teams encouraged by the UCI to make every effort to get to Dalby Forest in time for official training on Friday.

A number of riders, including those from Australia and Canada, have arrived in Yorkshire, with more expected to arrive in the coming days. British Cycling has reached an arrangement with P&O Ferries to ensure that travel requirements for teams in Europe are prioritised.

The full event infrastructure, including timing and TV, is in place for the weekend.”

However, many US racers (and some Euro ones too, oh and a couple of journos) are still stuck in California after this weekend’s Sea Otter event. However, most of the top names are expected to be there in Dalby – and the teams stuck in the States are trying all sorts of round-about routes to try to make it there in time. Team Specialized, still in California is already trying to live on UK time so that if they have to make a mad dash to the race and arrive the day before the race, they’ll be in the right time zone.

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  1. Fair play to teams for trying everything they can to get there

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