‘Follow Me’ Official Trailer

by Chipps 13

The folks at Anthill Films have just released the trailer for their new film ‘Follow Me’. The Anthill Films people include many of the people behind the Collective, so it’s likely to be the film of the year when it comes out in the summer. The premiere is at the Sea Otter next month.

There’s already a plan for a UK premiere cinema tour, so stay tuned for details on that here.

UK Premiere Coming this Summer!

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  1. That looks like my ride this morning. Well… I was on a bike anyway 🙂

  2. Mine too – only there wasn’t all that music going on in the background…

  3. Looks good. Hope they preview it at the Dyfi film evening :o)

  4. Oh how I wish I could ride 10% as well as them 🙁 Looks like I’ll have to settle with watching the DVD!

  5. Wish I had the balls to ride like that,and the weather to ride in like that.

  6. WANT! I could watch stuff like that all day – looks like some truly innovative filming tecniques too….

  7. Awesomeeeee…. I love these videos. It’s kindof like how I *feel* when I’m out riding, yet I can’t do 1/100,000th of the stuff they can do, but that’s what it feels like at the time..

  8. Gotta Watch that 🙂

  9. Emika Double edge germ remix is the track!!

    Top locations

  10. The only time my wheels are off the ground for that long is going up the chairlift. Awesome

  11. hope they do a high def version

  12. ‘hope they do a high def version’
    Mate, seriously, A NEW *HD* FILM.
    Think we’ll be ok……. 🙂

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