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Let’s continue our coverage of the iceBIKE* spectacular with a bike that has just come in to Madison’s warehouses. We have our man Albert to thank for this gushing paragraph…

“these have just hit the UK shores and are ready to ship. Available in limited numbers featuring Atherton racing inspired graphics, the ethos around the bike hasn’t changed since the introduction of the original MaxMax a few years ago – a tough, affordable and easily upgraded introduction in the world of dirt jumping. This point is empahsized by the use of the exact same 6061 T6 aluminum frame that is featured on all the higher-spec Absolut 1 and 2 full bikes. The new frame features arguably the most versatile dropouts on the market, allowing the use of a rear derailleur and pretty much all rear 135mm hub standards on the market (10mm, 12mm, 12mm Maxle or Singlespeed hubs) via the modular hanger/dropout system. The bike also features Commencal’s new dirt fork which replaces the heavier five-piece fork used in previous year’s models, helping to drop weight.

Price: £399.99 complete
Frame: Absolut AL (new dropouts)
Fork: NEW Commencal Dirt Fork (1 1/8in)
Headset: Tange Fatty MX2 (1 1/8in)
Stem: Commencal FR 50mm oversize
Bars: Commencal 6061 Oversize Riser (2in rise)
Grips: Commencal Kraton
Brakes: Commencal V-Brakes
Bottom Bracket: Truvativ Howitzer
Cranks: Truvativ Ruktion
Chain: KMC
Rims: Alex Rims DM18 (26in)
Hubs: Commencal 6-bolt disc Front & Rear (8/9sp freehub) 14mm nutted
Spokes: Stainless Steel 72p (3X lacing)
Seatpost: Commencal Hi-Ten Steel (black)
Saddle: C Trail by Velo
Sizes: Short or Long
Colour: Atherton Blue

White is the new, rigid...
That'll be the Atherton family logo. Does your family not have a logo?
V-Brakes - good enough for a jump bike - or for pulling off completely
Changeable dropout to suit just about everything save belt-drive!
We like the 'Ransom note' decals
£400 all-in. It's nearly impulse-buy money...

All photos above by

Seeing the extent of the M-Part accessory range was quite impressive. If you need a 'thingy that the cable thing goes in' - they probably make one.
Giro is working on prescription glasses and sunglasses for 2011 (as modelled by Chipps - and his helmet doppelganger behind)

Considering there was only about four different Giro gloves a year or so ago, the range has literally exploded with variety.
Even kids' helmets are getting the pro-graphic look.

Rainbow stripes on a ‘cross bike? Who could it be?

Dura Ace carbon tubs on your 'cross bike? Nice...
One of only three in the world - a custom Shimano 46T outer ring for 'cross racing. Oh and Di2 too.

Dugast tubs with Michelin treads. This involves cutting the tread off a Michelin tyre and painstakingly glueing it on to a Dugast carcass.

For Schure! This is 2009 World Champ Niels Albert's bike.

DT Swiss.

As you may have seen, our Benji has been in snowy Spain this week testing the new DT Swiss forks in the frozen slush. Madison, as the UK distributors, had some early models there on show for us, including the full-carbon crown/steerer racy model and more of the all-mountain ones.

There are 37 forks in the new range, but we reckon this is going to be one of the most popular - the EXM 130 (and 150) There's an EXC too (with carbon lowers)

Interestingly, the first paragraph in the ‘DT Swiss 2010 Lowdown’ trade leaflet starts “Have Pace reliability issues been sorted?” to which DT Swiss answers an emphatic ‘Yes!’. DT Swiss has re-sourced all the parts of the forks and now offer a two-year guarantee and a 200 hour service interval. The new magnesium lowers are completely new and the carbon forks already have a UCI XC World Championship under its belt.

Here's the clever bit of the EXM. The Launch Control knob is still there (just hit it and the fork will lock down, it undoes via the threshold set on the red dial. The rebound control lever is now (thankfully) separate.

Prices for the DT Swiss forks aren’t as scary as originally thought, with the basic 130mm, mag lower EXM130 QR coming in at £599.99. You can then add £50 for a QR15 and a further £150 for carbon lowers (or any combination). There’s a 150mm version too.

Benji will be following up with his full DT Press Camp story, so we don’t want to steal his thunder, but there’s also the XMM fork for ‘cross mountain’ – this comes in 100/120/140 and again in QR or 15mm. Prices start at £649 and weight at 1540g (add £150 for carbon again, £50 for QR15 and £50 for the neat remote lockout).

The poor demo girl on the Elite rollers had to ride solidly all day, while everyone waited for her to fall off. Luckily for her, she didn't. The Elite rollers she was riding move backwards and forwards in sympathy with your pedalling choppiness, making them much harder to get wrong.

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  1. “Nearly” impulse money?!?!? That IS impulse money! 😀

  2. Do you know if the new rebound adjuster is available as an after market upgrade?

  3. “Nearly” impulse money?!?!? That IS impulse money!
    Hey, just giving you a chance to resist there… 🙂

    I wouldn’t have thought that there’s a great deal of backwards compatibility between new and old Pace forks.

  4. Would there be no backward compatibility with the early DT forks? That is a shame and a bit worrying, I want the DT reliability!

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