Seasons DVD Competition Winners

by Nathan 7

seasons dvdIf you can remember a few weeks’ back, we ran a competition to give away 10 signed copies of the mountain bike DVD “Seasons“.

Using all our contacts, we managed to get some of the riders involved with the film to sign copies for our readers and here’s a list of the lucky winners. Just in case you thought we were keeping them for ourselves! 😉

The winners:-

  • David Coleman.
  • Roddy Scott.
  • Pete Hamling.
  • Simon Keyes.
  • Andy Hicks.
  • Sheldon Attwood.
  • Tom Bowman.
  • Richard Jones.
  • Heather Sebastian.
  • Ian Hardcastle.

We hope you all enjoyed the show and have your DVD resting proudly on the mantelpiece.

For those of you who entered and weren’t fortunate enough to win, you can still get a copy of the film through our Online DVD Shop.

Comments (7)

  1. Yes, thanks very much guys – I was “super stoked” to have won – it’s my favourite mtb film. Well worth getting if you’ve not already seen it.

    I’m toying with taking it up to Fort Bill and see if I can get Peaty and Stevie Smith to add their names!

  2. i won too – thanks very much 🙂

  3. Can’t believe Sheldon got one…. that boy has all the luck!!! 😉 Nice one!

  4. Thanks guys and Bushwacked, I’ll let you watch it one day!

  5. I won one, Thanks Guys.

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