Saturday Slither

by Matt Letch 16

Another Friday video of sliding crashing and giggling – And Benji Singing….

[stvideo src=”2010/02/Saturday_Slither.m4v”]

And on our own video player! Thanks to the Tom & Tom (our IT guys) for getting it sorted.

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  1. Great stuff. Bit of potty mouthed action towards the end though – shocking!!! ;o)

  2. Excrement little vid. Glad you’ve got your own player now. My laptop really doesn’t like Vimeo, Norman Collier-tastic.

  3. cool, who threw up over the bottle rocket though!

    ace video player though.

  4. 2 things :

    1 – 3.20 Garden gnome

    2 – What’s the morse code spell out?

  5. What a pleasure to have the inbound bandwidth to match my download speed 🙂

  6. Knarly steps – very nice. Who spilt paint over that bike?

  7. Riding most of that in the morning on my take on a short rear/long front fully – my Blur 4X with 160mm forks. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!

  8. Why are you hosting them on your own server? That must be mega bandwidth, though I guess it lets you do the “Premier” thing, right?

  9. Where you guys riding there???

  10. Cracking vid! And the player works like it should… seamlessly… 😉

  11. Excellent today… rode those steps, gave didn’t even bother with the hole in the fence after seeing what a nightmare that looks (and it was dead slimey and you can’t see on the vid but theres a fair sized drop the other side if you miss one of the steps!) but rode the rest. Does that trail have a name???

    Then after that we did Mmmbop and explored that a little and was going to ride the other trail in that vid (massive bin sized rocks everywhere) but rode Barely Legal instead which was a mess. Apparently someone had hosted a proper pay to race downhill thing on it and its f*cked. Wish we’d ridden the bin sized boulder trail. Does that have a name too?

    Apart from that, rode fishing on the other side of the valley which was good but will be awesome in the dry and a few other bits and pieces. Nice to end the day with coffee and lunch outside Coffee Cali, bump into Matt and then spend 30 mins in Blazing Saddles… Good day.

  12. >Wish we’d ridden the bin sized boulder trail. Does that have a name too?

    That’s Stanny’s Drop.

    I heard about Barely Legal, and the downhill race thing. Absolutely crackers. Held on a Sunday, on a Bridleway. 🙁

  13. Nice to see you Dave ;] That steppy thing is pindemonium…

  14. is it just me that thought the video was slightly cringe worthy?

    kinda like the fast show sketch “lets off road”

  15. >kinda like the fast show sketch “lets off road”

    I guess it depends what you do on a ride. Tech rides around here are about solving trail problems more than getting the miles in.

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