Pretty Sweet

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Pretty Sweet

A film about pointing your bicycle at the mountains, and seeing what you find.

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Pretty Sweet is not the kind of mountain bike film that features the latest slopestyle tricks, the fastest downhill action or the biggest freeride hucks. Pretty Sweet is a film about pointing your bicycle at the mountains, and seeing what you find. It is a film that sets out to show just how much grabbing a map and heading into the mountains by bike can offer. Without any past experience, a broken tripod, an ancient camcorder and some ‘decent talent’ we are really proud of what we have managed to put together, stoked by the trails we found and we hope our low-fi bike film might inspire a few other riders to head for the hills.
Pretty Sweet will premier at the Llanberis Mountain Film Festival with two screenings over the weekend:
Saturday 6th March at 19:15
 Sunday 7th March at 16:00

The Llanberis Mountain Film Festival originated back in 2002 starting life as a bi-annual event, it has now stepped up a gear and become an annual one. LLAMFF dedicates itself to exploring mountain culture and inspiring adventure, through the medium of film, photography, literature and lectures. Its aim is to stimulate, invigorate and motivate during a long weekend of sensory bliss dedicated to the mountain environment and wild places in general. LLAMFF is one of the few film festivals where you can be in the mountains while at the event, it is also unique in the way it is not afraid to be eclectic and embrace the outdoor culture and enviroment as a whole, this helps to give it an edge that others seem to miss. Match this with the wide range of athletes, journalists, photographers, film makers and activists in the area and you have a unique recipe for a unique film festival.
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