Howies Visit

by Matt Letch 22

Last week Sim and I (Matt) went on a little road trip to see Howies and Fox (Mojo Suspension). Our first port of call was Howies.

WARNING. This video includes nice people who are passionate about what they do, who do care and employ twenty or so people in Cardigan. So haters don’t look any further…

[stvideo src=”2010/02/Howies.m4v”]

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  1. I used to work in a tin shed like that. Couldn’t make any phone calls when it was raining due to thrumming on roof.

  2. Howies are great – they’ve supported the Ethical Fashion Show we organise at school for the last 2 years.


  3. That new jacket looks superb. Howies and STW – you both have my address if you need one testing 🙂

  4. Although you’re good journos, you’re rubbish cameramen!

    Good content though

  5. Bike Monkey your right were shonky cameramen but were getting better ;]

  6. I spent my formative years in Cardigan and I love that place! If Howies employ 20 people there then they have my vote.

  7. Howies are brilliant. Thank you for championing ethical and carbon-friendly sourcing from China :o)

  8. Yes, they should be sourcing from all the T shirt factories in Britain, and getting their cotton from the famous Powys cotton belt 🙄

  9. They don’t seem to like my negative thoughts about their stuff, never responded to my emails. :-/

    Hora, I agree – I just can’t see their reasoning. If it was made in UK with UK fabrics I would queue to buy it. Otherwise, no. Overpriced, boring designs.

  10. Ha Ha the camera work is indeed shonky, at least try and get the framing right!

  11. What an interesting little film

  12. Papa Roach in the stock room? Surely not.

  13. Love their building. Its minimal and no over-use of materials. I think I may knock down my house and build a ethical-responsible home using the above as a template. All thanks to Howies for inspiring my life to be ethical and green 🙂

  14. And what is your eco-mental earth-muffin contribution to the world of clothing?

    Oh, nuffin.

    Well done.

    You must be so proud.

  15. Scottchegg why I buy as much as their clothes as possible. You big crazy bear.

  16. hora, seeing as how you get all worked up about this, maybe you should go + visit, discuss your concerns + go for a bike ride with them, instead of whining on the internet.

  17. hora- I would reply to your post, if it made sense.

    They are a business, they can’t operate out of a yurt, they would get robbed. They try to run a business in a responsible fashion. They are not perfect but they are better than most. Let it go.

  18. If they retailed out of a Yurt they could then run an ad campaign featuring the Yurt. Fantastic idea.

    I’ve got a fantastic idea to help them increase sales. They could put their tshirts in Debenhams under the other ‘designers brands’.

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