Fresh Goods

by Nathan 32

Optional bolt positions = travel adjustment

Norco Fluid LT
From: FisherOutdoor

This Norco LT is in for next issues bike test. It comes with 2step rockshox lyrics up front which are fitted into the 1.5 – 1.8″ tapered headtube. The rear travel is adjustable from 5.5 – 6.1″ via moveable bolt positions. They also come with a funky hammerschmidt crank. RRP £3779.99

Giro Section Lids
From: Giro

Photoshoot lids! We got these cool noggin protectors in to bring an air of asthetic beauty to our photoshoots. The in-mould construction and integrated shell means they are super light also. RRP £39.99

De Marchi Contour Cap
From: 2Pure

This silky smooth feeling cap is made from a HT hollow Thermolite construction with Teflon coating for water and stain repellancy.

De Marchi Bib Shorts
From: 2Pure

Bibshorts! You either love them or hate them.

De Marchi C. Racing Jacket
From: 2Pure

De Marchi’s racing jacket is made with a TechnoPlus Stretch membrane with hollow polypropilene spun lining meaning it’s comfortable and warm. It has 4 back pockets, a lockable front zipper and a lockable & reflective back pocket zipper.

De Marchi Contour + Shoe Covers
From: 2Pure

ThermaShield Lite silky quality super stretchy membrane easily adapts to any shoe design with a reflective rear zippers for easier on & off and visibility.

No Tubes ZTR Flow Rims
From: Paligap

Matt’s getting these rims for his Santa Cruz long termer. Unfortunately we only received 1 rim so Matt’s debut ride has been posponed!

Continental Rain King
From: Cambrian Tyres

Rubber lovers. The Rain King is made with a reinforced carcass and double sidewall for lower running pressures and using a special wet version of continental’s Black Chili compound for superb adhesion yet impressive wear rate. The 2.5″ DH aimed tyre is super chunky. RRP £54.99

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  1. £55 per tyre? OMG etc etc.

  2. who pays £55 for a tyre?? I’d rather have fun trying to stay on the bike!

  3. Wow, if those are shorts, you guys must be much taller in real life than you look in the photos!

  4. I can put tyres on my car for cheaper than that. Get real £55.00 for a bike tyre F off

  5. Mmmm… Bib shorts for a 68 inch inside leg …

  6. That jacket looks a lot like an Assos 851!

  7. Nick – De Marchi is like Assos without the silly price tag. Have lots of their stuff, love it all.

  8. Cranks, seatpost and saddle on the Norco still in working order….? 😉

  9. Mmmmmm, brown leather covered Giro Section! 🙂

  10. £55 for a tyre? why not, i can put tyres on my car that cost many £100s, if i want top performance. well i could, if i had a car.

  11. RRP £3779.99

    For the Norco! I know its a posh crank but does it come with it’s own uplift service??!

  12. De Marchi C. Racing Jacket

    I tried one on – in Harrods no less, very nice indeed, just deciding whether to change from beloved Gore N2S and base layer to this beauty… or not?

  13. £55 for a tyre that grips like no other. fair enough.

  14. I think this may be the worst fresh goods friday for a while. One rim? Sheesh! Leather helmets? Is it April 1st already etc etc.

  15. “Leather helmets” he said “Leather helmets”

  16. well, the euro has fallen today so maybe the tyre is now only £54.50. so thats alright then. How do they justify that sort of price. No tyre was more than £30 a year or two ago.

  17. There are an amazing amount of tight people in the world who have no understanding of performance products.

    A performance car tyre would be at least £100 for a small size, £55 car tyres are cheap basic regular things comparable with £10 cycle tyres. A £55 performance DH tyre is comparable to a high spec Yokohama or similar whcih would be at least £140+. I’d never fit a cheap tyre to a performance car and same goes for my bike.

    The Conti DH tyre is meant to grip as well as a £38 Maxxis tacky compound but last several times longer (you can wear a set of Maxxis super tacky’s out in one weekend racing) so actually represents good value.

    If you never notice the difference between standard bike tyres and performance ones then you don’t ride very hard, same as with car tyres really.

  18. Why are people tight? £55 quid for a bike tyre is a joke. People like you who swallow all the marketing bull are a manufacturers dream.

  19. If you’re not riding sensible and not getting your tyres sliding around, and rarely get punctures then you’re probably admirably served with hard compound low tpi count tyres with skinny sidewalls.

    If you want to push your bike a bit harder then pricey tyres (with the right pressure in them) can make a lot of difference.

    Stem length, brake pads, bar height, tyres… in no particular order. Makes a massive difference to technical riding.

  20. £55 for a bike tyre is alot of money, given that there isn’t that much rubber in it. However it will be a low volume production hence the cost.

  21. For some reason I just don’t like the look of norco bikes.
    Also when was the 1.5″-1.8″ tapered headtube introduced?

  22. a £55 pound tyre would be a better way to improve your bike than spending £55 on a colour matched stem ,, that weighs 2grms less than your old one,,

    but the choice is yours

  23. funny that people get so outraged on price, you don’t have to buy them.

    nice to have a choice though.

  24. I can fit tyres on my motorbike that cost about £130 a pair, these are crappy tyres, that feel crappy, wear out quickly, and inspire very little confidence, but if I’m doing a few trackdays, and really want to push my riding, and my bikes performance, then I’ll get a $hit load more from a set of tyres that cost twice a much.

    Choice is yours, but like people are saying, if your good enough, then you’ll defo see the diference. If you just enjoy the odd pootle, then you prob wont, and you’ll think they are expenseive.


  25. Some people spend thousands of pounds on a kitchen. This I find hard to contemplate!

    Each to their own passion.

  26. That norco is wicked nice not cheep though

  27. That Norco is very nice to ride.

  28. Flow rims are over-rated, remove the stickers and see how many people rave over them…

  29. Why are Flow Rims over-rated? The reason I’ve chosen Flow rims again is how durable i’ve found them- yep they get dents and dings in them but they’ve stayed straight and there light and seem to be the ones that work brst with tubeless (there the only one’s that haven’t had me screaming in rage! ;p)

  30. Matt, maybe they are overrated because you only get one instead of a pair 😉

  31. Over £200 for a sport contact 2 235/35R19 so £55 is not bad!

  32. “continental’s Black Chili compound for superb adhesion ” – Err not – not if its like the MK protections – they wore like stink and were also much much cheaper than £55 😮

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