More Gisburn Forest Dig Days

by Ben Haworth 9


Gisburn geezer Jon Swift: “Seeing as we made such good progress last time we’ve planned in even more additional dig days. There already got a core of people signed up but it would be great if anyone else wants to join us. Couple of pics of what we built last time attached to whet people’s appetites.”


Dates are:
Thursday 19th November
Friday 20th November
Sunday 22nd November

Meet at 10-ish, work to when people have had enough (between 3pm – 4pm last time, although if people can only manage a couple of hours they’re still very welcome).

(the map location is correct, just ignore the October 11th date on it!)
(the map location is correct, just ignore the October 11th date on it!)

The usual meeting place up on the fireroad before Hesbert Hall.


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  1. I’ve never seen so many comedy place names on one tiny piece of map, brilliant!

  2. Didn’t know this was on here. Anyone want anymore info just email me at sandjkunj at talktalk dot net.

    Stumpyjon aka Gisburn Geezer 😉

  3. haha i was brought up in Wigglesworth, great name

  4. I’ll be there on the 19th.

  5. And even if you can’t spare the time to dig, please feel free to drop by with gifts of cake… 😀

  6. How did anywhere end up being called “Wham”?

  7. Well, you need somewhere to make Wham Bars don’t you?

  8. Stuck it on the SingletrAction site in the Dig Day calendar on the homepage. Hope it helps (

  9. How nice I am the official tester in the last pic!

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