Get down to the Lakes this winter!

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This is an unashamed plug for one of the great riding areas of the UK… We make no apologies for loving the Lakes…

Cumbria Tourism is keen to point out that, not only did most of the  Lake District (and all of the National Park) escape the recent flooding, but that the best way of supporting one of our best National Parks is to get down and ride your bike there.

Firm singletrack and soft grass to fall on. Ideal...

We’re already big fans of the Lakes and Issue 54 of Singletrack (out on December 10th) has a feature we shot in Whitbeck on the west coast of Cumbria, and we’re off there in the New Year for some big mountain action.

A fine place to start is Vertebrate Graphics guide to the Lakes

We reckon that all Lake District rides should involve a push to be worthwhile...

The other thing to do – which is what our intrepid heroes did in the new issue, is to just find somewhere good to stay in a place you’ve not been before and get up there. If you’re already having an adventure, it’s not hard to have fun on bikes.

For more info on the Lakes, have a look at and we’ll see you up there…

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  1. Yes, some of the Cannock Chase Thursday night riding folk will be up there for one of our annual “3 days away rides” the weekend before Christmas. It can’t be any wetter than it was last year, can it?

  2. Is that Harter Fell? Not the best riding the Lakes has to offer but no doubt fun in a carry up/carry down kind of way.

  3. The bottom shot is Black Combe from the next issue of the mag.
    Splooshtastic, but a great fun ride. The top shot was somewhere off the Duddon Valley.

  4. Harry aka Dave
    You’ve been going the wrong way on Harter Fell, it’s got some great riding up and down (unless you’re just rubbish….. 😉 )

    Dunno how they can say the whole of the National Park escaped the flooding – we lost 2 bridges!

    It’s right though, get up here. The weather over the last couple of days has been stunning – still, sunny and fresh snow on the tops.

  5. I suppose i’ll have to now you have asked.


  6. I have a crazy idea in mind to try to ride all 27 of the routes in that Lakes guidebook over the next year or two. I reckon you could do a couple of the shorter ones a day every weekend, with a week of riding in the summers for the longer ones.

    It might kill me though… 🙂 But in a good way.

  7. Can I be able to deive up there from London?
    What abot Access?

  8. You’ve been going the wrong way on Harter Fell

    Don’t confuse composing a photo with route choice or direction :o)

  9. Yeah, the section above the photo is a tad tricky!

  10. bridges may be gone but life is going on as normal here really. Cockermouth beer festival kicks into action this weekend.

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