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by 18

With the festive season underway, we’re happy to see that the bike industry hasn’t forgotten about us just yet. Here’s what we’ve received this week.


Hope Race X2 Brakes
From: Hope

These are Hope’s brand new brakes. They come finished with carbon levers – only one of ours is carbon, the other is aluminium as they ran out of carbon! They also have a carbon top cap, aluminium bolts in the lever with Ti bolts elsewhere and come with those stylish rotors. Hope claim the brakes weigh only 275g, with mounts and rotors included!  RRP £194.99 p/brake


Lab-Gear Everyday Mid Turtleneck
From: Lab-Gear

The Mid has a 18cm zip, thumb loops and is made from 100% merino wool making it an autumn top / winter under layer. The bright orange stripe and coloured stitching is optional and can be personalised to suit your own needs.


Lab-Gear Merino Beanie
From: Lab-Gear

The merino beanie / skullcap is made from 100% merino and has flat-lock stitching to eliminate internal seams. The colour co-ordination can be customized with or without the middle stripe.


Lab-Gear Bomb Truck Shorts
From: Lab-Gear

The Bomb-Truck shorts are a durable cotton shell short. They have a strange rubbery, leathery, gun holster style buckle on the sides which can be altered to give you an extra half inch of waist space. A mixture of lycra and merino means the fabric is stretchy and breathable.


Truvativ Noir 1.1G Singlespeed Carbon Crankset
From: Fisher Outdoor

With a 175mm arm length and a claimed weight of 745g including bb, this crankset is top of truvativ’s line, reflected in the price!RRP £381.99. In use is a GXP external bottom bracket system. It captures the left side bearing between the spindle and the left crankarm while allowing the drive-side bearing to float axially on the spindle, thereby eliminating the necessity to side-load bearings during adjustment – meaning a smooth long lasting ride.


Ibis Tranny
From: Various

We had this funky looking frame sitting around for a while doing nothing so we decided to build it up last week. It’s basically a super-sized bmx, with some chunky 2.5 tyres, which will probably be changed! It’s been finished with loads of bits we’ve got in recently, Fox fork, pro seatpost, saddle, stem, bars and deore brakes. Look out for more info soon


Crankbrothers Split Quick Release Seat Collar
From: Crankbrothers

This qr collar allows you to implement a better clasping force by closing 1 lever and then the other, but the leverage also allows for easier opening access. The seat collar comes in 31.8m or 35mm sizes, 5 different colours and claims to weigh 49grams. RRP $50


Crankbrothers Freehub
From: Crankbrothers

Sim managed to break his last freehub so crankbros sent him out this new prototype hub. We’re not quite sure what will be different but they claim it will be stronger than the previous version.

Comments (18)

    ive looked at the ibis tranny many times with s view to a toughish build but was always scared of its teeny weight. look forward to seeing how it goes!

    Do you keep the recycling next to the microwave?

    I find the Tranny ugly though – as I also do the Mojo.
    I know they’ve got some artist/sculptor helping on the designs, but they don’t do anything for me.
    They do have impressive weights and reviews though.

    “meaning a smooth long lasting ride.”

    Did they have their fingers crossed when they wrote that?

    Marston’s Pedigree? In cans? Had they run out of good beer?

    Poor crop this week lads, you’re slipping.

    Is it just me that thinks those fancy Hope rotors look really minging?

    Yep, not as nice as the XTR ones
    Loving that tranny though. Belt drive would be cool on one of those.

    The plan for the Ibis Tranny is to build it in as many different guises as we can think of. Look for ‘ultralight geared hardtail’ and ‘Uber niche singlespeed’ soon.

    The Pedigree was to go with fish and chips and it was easier to carry eight cans of that than eight bottles of boutique beer 🙂

    The Labgear top looks lovely and the Tranny is lush.

    dissapointed the tranny doesn’t look as good as i thought it would. just looks rather squashed and out of proportion (and an undescribable way).

    also, those shorts?! they’re gonna need some good luck selling them…

    oh, and i don’t think i’ll be bothering with those cranks either, GPX is, ime, shit… which is a shame, as those cranks do look nice.

    sorry, just realised how grumpy that all looks. perhaps its because i am grumpy after spending all day listening to dissertation related bullshit.

    hungry monkey, we take no credit for Chipps’ colour choices 🙂 Making a lovely pair in Olive for next week.

    and what amazing fisha nd chips they were too..!! MP worked just fine for me…. ;o)

    the ‘engagement ring’ on the crank bros free hub is thicker i think…

    I actually think the Tranny looks good in that guise!

    Cheer up Matt, are you missing Essex?

    I’ve seen the Tranny in the flesh and it’s a thing of beauty. I want one.

    Dunno what I’d do with it though 🙂

    I like the crank brothers seatclamp despite myself. $50 means £40-50 though. Thats silly for a seatclamp.

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