Camelbak’s new ultra-light HAWG

by Chipps 10

There’s a new Camelbak in town… It’s big, but it’s light. After the sell-out success of the super-light MULE, released earlier this year, Camelbak is making a HAWG with the same lightweight fabrics. It will be in black with yellow trim, only 300 will be available and they will retail for £119.99 (A regular HAWG NV is £99.99).


Building on the success of the H.A.W.G NV, CamelBak have created a superlight version of the same pack, incorporating the all-new Omega Deluxe reservoir and fancy-dan digital flowmeter.

  • Omega Deluxe reservoir, featuring Quick Disconnect tubing and the brilliant digital Flow Meter ( £52.99 on its own, Flowmeter £24.99 on its own )
  • Hydrotanium-Omega-Deluxe-Reservoir-(with-Flow-Metre)

  • Lightweight, durable fabrics
  • Octane-style Air Mesh ventilated Independent Suspension harness
  • Lightweight ventilated back panel
  • Removeable internal back panel – remove it to reduce weight or keep it in for extra comfort, support and insulation
  • Integrated raincover with reflective logo
  • Front and rear reflectivity

Weight comparison: H.A.W.G NV inc. reservoir: 1370g

H.A.W.G Deluxe inc. reservoir: 950g = 31% lighter

H.A.W.G Deluxe inc. reservoir minus internal back panel: 895g = 35% lighter

NB: H.A.W.G Deluxe minus reservoir and internal back panel = 700g!!!

Hydration: 3.0litres

Total capacity: 18.9litres

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  1. what does the flow meter actually tell you? surely its a bit pointless?

  2. If you’re doing a long ride/race, it can tell you if you’re drinking enough. If you’re riding/racing in the heat, it can tell you how much water you’ve got left before running dry without delving in your pack. And things like that. Some people are really into this stuff. Some aren’t…

  3. not sure about the flow meter except for the ‘it can tell you what’s left’ bit. That could help you leave a last gulp for when you really want it but nothing comes. I like the big flap-pocket at the bag. stuff always falls out of the mesh pocket at the back of my old HAWG. I like that side pocket too. Shame my old HAWG has a lot of life in it yet.

  4. the bladders in my Northface rucksac already has the quick release thingy, been there for a few years, seen them at work for even longer.

  5. Release date? Where can I buy one?

  6. Weight comparison: H.A.W.G NV inc. FILLED reservoir: 4370g

    H.A.W.G Deluxe inc. FILLED reservoir: 3950g = 9.6% lighter

    Still worth it…?

  7. inov-8 race pro 18

    640grams inc bladder = 33% lighter

    £54 (wiggle – inc bladder + delivery) = 55% cheaper

    still worth it … ?

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