The Annual Snowdon Video

by Ben Haworth 20

Photo by Dave Evans.
Photo by Dave Evans.

Every year some of us get together with some other random bike industry type folk and “do” Snowdon (usually up the Llanberis Path and down the Rangers Path). Video courtesy of Stu from Bicycle Shop in Skipton :

CAUTION: Contains Nickelback “music” so you may wish to mute your speakers now…

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  1. rangers path looks awesome 🙂 only ever ridden the llanberis route myself.

    he/she was SHIFTING at the “50kph” bike

  2. Not so sure about the camera position, its nice to see different camera positions being used, but I couldn’t see as much as I’d have liked, especially with the water presumably the front wheel has flicked up onto the camera. On narrower stuff (eg ‘Telegraph Valley’) all I could see was fork and downtube. I’m afraid I prefer last years

  3. I like it mounted there, what camera was it as considering on a HT it was very still…

  4. great vid, how long for the ride/push/carry up to the top. And when do they shut down the summit cafe for winter( less to carry up in your pack)

  5. Great day chaps! loved every minute. The push isn’t as hard as I had of expected, and its suprisingly rideable i parts.

    Hand returning to a normal size now 🙂

  6. That’s one very confident and competent rider. Note the number of riders at various points who’d chosen to dismount rather than ride certain sections!
    Coming down the Ranger’s at 1:39 on the vid, that’s a serious mono by the look of things, and then later, at about 2mins, that’s very steep and seriously / horribly rocky, yet the rider managed it with great skill.
    On the 50kmph decent, it’s worth noting that there are built-up-on-landing-side drainage ditches, all dug into the ground and running at 45 degrees to the trail and some of them are fabulous on a full sus’ where you load / unload the suspension to clear the gaps, but the rider seemed impervious to the dangers of some of them, and especially on a 29er HT. I deliberately took my 26FS and not my 29HT, so all credit to this skilled rider as I’d have found a 29er somewhat too high-up, although I note the Ragely has a longer travel front fork & that the frame seems almost free-ride in its geometry.
    My own humble offering of stills can be found at:
    which might illustrate just how rocky, steep (since film and stills never quite capture the severity of gradients) and potentially dangerous this decent can be.
    It makes me want to tackle the whole route a 2nd time now!

  7. That cam position is a good advert for forks!

    Talking of cam positions – I’m liking this Chest Cam…

    And another here:

  8. Ride / push / carry to the top in under 2hrs from the train station car park (but I was at that stage on my todd).

  9. Did the same ride last Sunday. When did you guys do it ?

  10. nvm… just watched it as saw it was Monday. Better weather than we had.

  11. Ti39er:
    Looks like he just got on and rode it without thinking about fork length, height of bike, angle of drainage ditches or danger of drainage ditches.

  12. Tee hee
    Darn it I must get up a real bloody mountain this year! Nice vid guys

  13. GirlChrist. Maybe he knew all these things before he set out! He works in the bike industry we’re told in the opening gambit. Maybe he’s a far more skilled rider than I or anyone else I watched on the mountain that day and I was paying him due praise for his skills, pointing out to those who have yet to ride the mountain, just how technically demanding it can be, something video doesn’t always illustrate too well.

  14. love the reviews…….guess me just watching it and thinking wow he can really shift and lush bike and countryside isnt enough….so ehhhhhh far too much pressure in his front tyre and I though he was over braking at 1.36 should have been an additional 3.7% bias to the front brake than he had been using…..

    No I like wow much better!!!!! 😉

  15. As others have asked, how the hell did you get the camera to remain so stable on a HT. Love the vid and position, except when he starts pedalling – that just looks wrong 😉

  16. I float over the rough stuff. It just works which is a result. If it jumped around id feel sick like watching Cloverfield.

  17. is it me or does that vid skip a lot of the good stuff i.e. the nadgery awkward stuff?

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