Veja + Cyclope Bike Shoes

by Nathan 8

image003Veja and French cycle shop Cyclope are joining forces to create an exclusive sneaker, made from ecological material and adapted for fixed-gear cycling.

The shoe will be made with a hard wearing, 25 mm Amazonian rubber sole and the front will have a vegetable-tanned leather yoke to provide increased foot protection.

The shoes, which are due for release on Feb 1st 2010 are so exclusive that only 384 pairs are being produced with a retail cost of £95.

The shoes, which will come in either a blue/black or red/black colour option, can only be bought in two London shops, Offspring Neal Street and Brick Lane Bikes, or else from Cyclope, Paris.

Veja_Cyclope_Blue_Turquoise_lateral sola

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  1. Sell your car, get a bike (cos youll need the money to afford the trendy clobber required to ride ‘fixed’)

  2. I hope them come with a free pair of ‘sisters’ jeans at that price!

  3. i like them, but i wouldn’t want to be mistaken for a wannabe courier

  4. £95! wait a few months, they’ll be in tk maxx for a tenner

  5. how can a flat shoe be adapted for fixed gear riding??

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