Pro Flex Is Back!

by Tom dB 8

No UK distributor as yet but Pro-Flex is back. The former US company is now based in Spain and seeking to expand its European base. Two trail bikes, three marathon with the top end one being carbon.

Pro-Flex trail bike, 160mm front 140mm rear, and not a DW link, though it looks a little like one.
Their two marathon/enduro bikes, 120mm travel front and rear


The top end Pro-Flex 880 carbon marathon bike


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  1. like that shame about the flex trail name!! looks a bit like an epic!

  2. That’s some weird blue lighting going on at the show…

  3. Surely those Fox shocks will be swapped for some elastomers in time for production!

  4. Boring, just as good and efficient as dozens of other makes.

  5. I thought EuroBike were bringing them into the UK – I’ve had the pics on the website for a while now (since May 2009!!!!)

    The carbon bike was developed by the same chap that brought us the K2/Proflex Carbon bikes in 1997/1998 – in fact, that was one of the very first stories I wrote on GoFAR (whatever became of them?!), nearly a decade ago!

    🙂 callum – purveyor of spare proflex bits

  6. Me wanty trailbike when my Iron Horse dies. DW gooodness without a Turner price tag (hopefully)

  7. Yep, saw the pro flex at the show on Thursday and must say not a lot going on at the show but the Pro flex stood out, looks like a carbon Titus RacerX but someone has made a better job with routing the cables, same swing arm shock set up, frame also has the new tappered headset set up, only other thing that took my fancy was the new FSA SL-K cranks, bars and stem. apart from that, not a lot to see.

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