18bikes Custom Steel – Cycle2009 Video

by Mark Alker 7

18bikes popped in to our sitting room to tell us about their new custom steel service 🙂

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  1. Is that Roy Chubby Browns son on the far left?

  2. I couldn’t understand some of the questions he was asking, and by the confused look on the faces of the pair from 18 Bikes neither could they.

  3. “arc eye” refers to a medical condition you get if you look directly at the flame when you’re welding.


    HTH 🙂

  4. That’s a worry that the welder isn’t even aware of what arc eye is!

  5. i’ll be honest, i couldn’t understand half of what singletrack matt was saying – maybe it’s the nerves of being sat in front of the SingletrackTV camera…

    We both know what arc eye is, thankfully been far too careful (look out for me at the Cycleshow Friday/Sat with my Speedglass on) to have suffered – I think Matt’s girlfriends Dad’s experience has drilled that in.

    Sadly, my ibook can’t play vids from vimeo properly, so I can’t suffer re-watching myself (yet)

  6. There is a Hungarian chippy in Aviemore and I think that Matt from ST
    has been visiting a little too often , its called HARKAI.

  7. really great interview! so informative, cohesive and entertaining.

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