Danny MacAskill In VW Advert

by Chipps 37

Since his emergence into mainstream media’s consciousness, trials rider and all round nice guy, Danny MacAskill has been popping up all over the place – in a music video for Doves and in a couple of TV commercials, like this one for ‘the new, sporty’ VW…

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  1. Or even the “new sporty Golf estate” !!

  2. Good advert, some nice shots there.

  3. i dont get the fly at the end?

  4. I think the fly is something to do with one side of him being not scared to do some crazy **** on a bike and another side he is scared of a fly….hmmm….

    …That’s all I can think of, but what its got to do with a car I don’t know…

  5. Good riding. No idea what the point of the advert is though.

  6. Liked the riding, didn’t “get it” as a car advert.

  7. Are we sure he’s a human?

    Oh, and the point of all advertising is to sell stuff. In this case, a car.

  8. Hah, I think someone at VW loved the video and just thought why not, who cares if it’s car related it’ll be all over youtube and have millions of hits 🙂 Danny M is pure awesome!

  9. there’s a car in the video?…

  10. Looks like a wasp to me aswell

  11. Funny – first time through I didn’t notice the car until he put his bike in it. Now I watch it again it’s in nearly every scene!
    Those alloys are awful though.

    (oh and it’s a fly)

  12. great ad. still wouldn’t buy a golf estate though.

  13. I’d be more likely to buy the car if he had a few mates with him and all of them managed to get their bikes and kit in. I can can get one bike in a normal Golf like that.

  14. Its defo a wasp (get glasses those that think its a fly! Doesn’t even sound like one!)

    I think the point of the ad is exactly what we’re doing now…………

  15. Well i think it’s Apis melifera not a wasp.

  16. Lovely, lovely riding in an ace location- makes the car look like the geeky kid who’s hanging out with the cool kid though.

  17. Well I hope he at least got a nice new motor.
    He’s a great guy and deserves to make a good living from his progression in the sport.

  18. Great riding, crap advert.

    And yes, nice to see someone making a few quid out of riding their bike.

  19. Nice car. It was a horse fly.

    What bike & who’s Danny!?

  20. I can can get one bike in a normal Golf like that.

    Are you a midget as never got any of my bikes in the Golfs I’ve owned without taking at least one wheel off.

  21. What Ed-O said

    I look forward to family members seeing that on telly and asking “Oooh, is that the sort of thing you do?”

  22. i watched a repeat of top gear on dave yesterday, where they had to make advert for the new scirroco diesel.

    the vw ad men got very annoyed with them for being silly. Volkswagon adverts are based on a single fact, and just feature the car, with no gimicks required.

    i dont think that one met either of those criteria.

    it annoyed me cause they were ‘orrible about peugeots, and mines a peugot, and im very sensitive about it :'(

  23. do you think it’s odd he uses a disk front and rim brakes on the rear? i thought trials riders just preffered hydraulic rim brakes all round?

  24. I think the whole fly / wasp thing is to promote how quiet and refined the engine is, you can hear a fly. Sporty and refined.

    Or maybe it’d just to get people talking on forums about it??

    Slick vid though, how many takes do you reckon?

  25. erm think the “point” is fearless on a bike, but a wuss when it comes to something like a wasp = both sides of his character, like the ad says.

    I assume the mixture of brakes is a sponsorship thing, like the pro trials riders who run suspension forks (which are completely locked out….)

  26. If Carlsberg made adverts………. (oh they do!)

    Wish i had just an ounce of that mans skill!

  27. pjt201
    Disc front = loads of modulation, needed on the front for much trials stuff.
    Rim brake rear = powerful & easy to lock the wheel, much needed in trials.

  28. I dont think daniel would try high speed G turns with a hs33 lol.

    Ive still got heaps of short clips of him from around 2005 on the old computer here. ive saved them to disc.must upload them one day.

  29. For folk that havent seen stuff like this,the 180 across the gap at 31 seconds would make a lot of people think its camera trickery.

    I wouldnt even stand up there without a bike.

  30. if only everything in life ( danny’s riding ) was as reliable as a volkswagen

  31. i dont get the fly thing either…. lol great advert with yet agin some great riding from the great danny mac ! awsome… just wish they’d put the ‘tree stunt’ in the advert instead of that swirly thing he zoomed out of….

  32. That is totally one of these: http://citybugs.tamu.edu/FastSheets/images/honey_bee_web.jpg
    Apis melifera aka honey bee
    Anyone who says it’s not quite clearly needs help from an entomologist. 🙂

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