British Cycling To Create Cycling Hall of Fame

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As part of its 50th anniversary celebrations, British Cycling is launching a Hall of Fame and, at the organisation’s annual awards dinner in February 2010, the first fifty individuals will be inducted. The Hall of Fame will then continue to grow with further inductees announced every year.

British Cycling is now looking for nominations for this first 50 inductees. The full list of nominees will then be handed over to the Hall of Fame judging panel (see below for details), who will come up with the final list of fifty. British Cycling is looking for the Hall of Fame to recognise outstanding individuals from this country, across the whole cycling spectrum, from volunteers, event organisers, and race officials through to coaches, athletes and influential figures within the sport.

Send them your nominations now

IMG_9635British Cycling is now looking for nominations for the Hall of Fame and it would like to hear who you think should be amongst the first fifty inductees. Simply send them the name or names of the individuals you believe should be included – they will welcome multiple nominations. You may also wish to tell them a bit more about why they deserve a place in the British Cycling Hall of Fame. Please send your suggestions to

To help you with your suggestions, BC has prepared five articles, each overviewing a decade since 1959, highlighting key moments in British Cycling’s history and top performances by British riders.

The Hall of Fame Judging Panel
William Fotheringham, Cycling Correspondent at the Guardian, Hugh Porter, long standing BBC Cycling Commentator and Robert Garbutt, Editor of Cycling Weekly, will join current Olympic and World Champion Victoria Pendleton, British Cycling’s President Brian Cookson and Executive Director Peter King as panellists.

So, if you don’t want your cycling hero to miss out, send your nomination and the reason why the person should be included into the first British Cycling Hall of Fame to

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    Errr, hello? 2009? Steve Peat wins DH World Champs?

    That did seem to be a little remiss of them. But it’s things like that (and the fact that all the panellists are from a road background) that makes it extra important that you make sure the voice of the mountain biker is heard.

    Cycle speedway looks kinda fun though…

    Of course it may have been written a month ago and not updated.

    Lets not forget Jason Mcroy.

    Nominees? – Reg Harris, Barry Hoban, Tony Doyle, Tim Gould, Malcolm Fearon(MTB photographer), John Woodburn, Sean Yates, Steve Peat, Graham Obree, Chris Hoy, Robert Miller

    off the top of my head simpson, millar, hampsten, yates, boardman, obree, wiggins, cavendish, mcroy, warner, peat, akrigg (probably not allowed as he has conventionally ‘won’ anything the BC recognise), mosley, cooke and pendleton (yum).

    I know nothing of mtb xc or bmx except Jamie Bestwick.

    “warner,” its a hall of fame not shame:-)

    What about the likes of Tally, running the much loved uplift services at inners and ae? He may not be a big name rider but he’s helped make the DH scene up here grow for sure.

    Why include robert miller? hes a known druggie?

    Why include robert miller? I would be surprised if they do, but i think you should look in to the guys story a little more, his post doping stance has been quite firm, both about his own and others doping.

    Cullen and Spesh – You’re thinking of David Miller surely? Not the dinky little scottish climber Robert. Or have I missed something about him?

    Gee Atherton, He maybe young but so what

    Peaty, Jason McRoy, John Tomac, Nico Vouilloz, Anne Caroline Chausson, and you cant forget about Hans Rey!

    er its the British Cycling HoF not USCF or the French Federation’s… it’s odd that its only immediately after BC post this on Facebook it finds its way to the web site. .this story from the BC website was out on twitter last week… I would be surprised if the first 50 this year has more than 5 mtb riders, we will have to hope in subsequent years the usual bias will be adjusted..

    Patrick Adams, Tim Gould

    nick craig, rob jebb, david baker, tracey mosley, steve peat

    MTBers should at least make sure Peat & the Athertons get in there.

    “why include Robert Miller?”

    I think you guys are confusing Robert and David. Robert Miller is the most successful male road rider this country has ever produced. Bradley Wiggins might yet out do him but he has a way to go.

    Am I the only one that thinks Jo Burt deserves a mention? Nobody else has captured the spirit of Mountain Biking quite as well as Mint. Where would we be without the Love Squadron eh?

    are you having a laugh? cartoons with added 6th form poetry?
    what exactly has that achieved in cycling apart from filled a page in a magazine? compare that ‘achievement’ to people like Beryl Burton* and then tell me that’s a serious recommendation for inclusion

    *her wiki entry will tell you all about her.

    That’s the thing about art, its a subjective medium…

    But you can’t ignore the cultural insights. But also don’t think I’m belittling the achievements of any of our fine heroes!

    I just think that cycling is more than just being the fastest or the best. It reaches inside a lot of people that have no competitive streaks. That’s where Mint Sauce binds quite a lot of us out here…And that’s why iconic influences on our pass-time are as important as the athletes.

    is he your mate or something?

    we both live in the south, but apart from that, no

    If you look at the list of possible types of people for nomination given by BC:

    volunteers, event organisers, and race officials through to coaches, athletes and influential figures within the sport

    athletes only make a small part of it. That might not be what happens in the hall of fame, but certainly in the US one around a third of ‘inductees’ are in the organisation, societies, access, etc type of bracket. Worth looking outside the usual suspects to local coaches, race organisers, access rights people?

    mmmm I can see the Doug Daileys, Dave Mellors and Simon Burneys getting a serious chance of a look in but given BC’s absence from the world of lobbying for access the chance of seeing any director of IMBA, 7 Staines or not, listed would be more than a miracle…

    having not done this kind of exercise for 50 years there will be one hell of a backlog of Beryl Burtons, Tom Simpson and Graham Weigh a-likes to get listed before the likes of Rob Warner ‘s profile gets a reading.

    Still think its a good idea though even if they list Sean Yates 50 times .. the thing is will they let bygones be bygones and enroll Jim Hendry and Tony Doyle…. what ever a quick glance of the final list will see many here rolling their eyes at the predictbility of what they come up with. . there will be few from outside the trackside team box

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