Interbike Part Three: More from the desert

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Interbike 2009-126
A fixie with gears? Yep, public pressure has persuaded Sturmey Archer to come back out with their three speed fixed wheel hub.
Interbike 2009-125
Get used to the 'many clashing colours' look. It's all the rage these days.
Interbike 2009-124
The Felt Compulsion - now 150mm travel with 1.5 degree slackened off the head tube for proper 'big bike' performance.
Interbike 2009-123
The Felt Virtue One - 25.5lb of XC fun - with redesigned tubing, an integrated gusset and some slick graphics.
Interbike 2009-122
We can't help but love that graphic that goes right over the rocker. The company that applies the decals reckons they can only do five in a day as it's so complicated. And if you wonder why Felts now look quite snazzy, it's because they've poached the graphics guy responsible for the fantastic Lapierre range.
Interbike 2009-120
Another look at the Yeti ASR 5 - which we first showed you in our Eurobike coverage. A five inch XC bike? Or a light all mountain machine? Up to you.
Interbike 2009-112
Salsa's new drop bar for 'cross and adventure bikes - super wide (the flat bit is 46cm) with a really short drop, it should find many fans. It's called the Woodchipper and comes in normal and oversize.
Interbike 2009-108
Not a new Surly Endomorph tyre (though there is one of those) this is actually a 24in monster cruiser tyre fitted front and rear to a normal Surly 1x1. They did say they were versatile machines, didn't they?
Interbike 2009-106
Spotted on most of the Intense bikes - an SLX level direct mount front derailleur. Now you have a choice.
Interbike 2009-97
Now that's a pretty carbon seatstay. And it's from Titus.
Interbike 2009-95
Titus has a load of new colours and this completely new X-Carbon. 4in travel and a 4.8lb frame/shock in Medium
Interbike 2009-94
The full Titus X-Carbon
Interbike 2009-92
The Titus FTM was introduced last year - how about this brand new Titanium one?
Interbike 2009-90
Chipps says he'll fight anyone who doesn't think that this matt/polish finish isn't gorgeous. (He's suffering a bit from the desert heat, don't mind him...)
Interbike 2009-89
To our knowledge (feel free to prove us wrong) this is the first flared 1 1/8th-1.5in headtube that's been done in titanium.
Interbike 2009-91
Another flared tube, this time on the Carbon Ftm - still with 5in of travel.
Interbike 2009-88
Internal cable routing...
Interbike 2009-87
Moulded-in logos - it's the little things...
Interbike 2009-86
Under down-tube rock bash plate for the carbon.
Interbike 2009-84
The full FTM carbon
Interbike 2009-79
The same Ibis Mojo HD that we brought you from Eurobike. It's been stripped of its Stars and Stripes decals and remains a proto, though we're off to see Lopes' World Champs bike in the show hall tomorrow to see how they differ.
Interbike 2009-82
A detail that was hard to make out in our Eurobike coverage - the back end of the 160mm Ibis Mojo HD has a Maxle rear axle.
Interbike 2009-77
Just for Singletrack member bent_udder - a shot of the Kona Magic Link Cadabra bike up close. The bikes at Eurobike were bolted to backings with the drive-side outwards, so it was impossible to get in close. Here you are!
Interbike 2009-75
Smith Optics have some really great lens tints coming out for next year - oh, and they sponsor the current World Mr Peat Champion
Interbike 2009-73
Chopper aka Greg Randolph with the new gold mirror Serpico shades.


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His riding style is best described as ‘medium, wheels on the ground, trail riding’ though he’s been spotted doing everything from endurance downhill racing to 24 hour cross country racing. He favours mid-travel trail bikes and claims to be wheel-size, gear, brake and tyre agnostic. In fact, his garage spans most bicycle flavours, taking in steel hardtails, carbon trail bikes, even a mountain bike tandem, along with road, touring and gravel/cyclocross bikes.

While he’s happy to chat about bikes all day, his real interest is in the people and places that bikes can introduce you to and he talks as fondly about the trails he’s ridden and riders he’s met as the bikes that took him there.

Comments (15)

    crank bros wheelsets seem to be quite popular…

    I wouldn’t call that top bike’s colours clashing. Pretty subtle and classy compared to the CMYK trend which seems to have hit hard.

    Is that Sturmey Archer three speed hub really a fixed wheel hub, or three speed freewheel hub?

    Wow – I’m flattered! Cheers for going the extra mile. Great shot. 🙂

    Oh great, now I “need” all of those Titus bikes…

    Bream – yep, 3 fixed speeds. They had it on display at London Cycle Show last year iirc.

    fight anyone who doesn’t think it isn’t gorgeous?.. so that’s anyone that does think it is gorgeous?.. is that right? i’m confused

    What is going on with that magic link? madness!

    I’ve started saving for an IBIS Mojo HD already…

    Another Woop for the Mojo HD, especially as it’s got a rear Maxle. I imagine that it’s one very cool bike.

    jeezo – dust a-plenty…..drooooooooooool

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