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Mountain bike millinery from Madison:

Bell Faction helmet with a Paul Frank semi-camo design. Bell have decided to spice up the often dull helmet market by collaborating with well known illustrators. Top work we reckon.
As well as Paul Frank Bell have enlisted the help of Jimbo Phillips, better known for his work with Santa Cruz skateboards, to come up with some quite full-on designs. Chipps has his eye on this Variant. It has its eyes on Chipps.
Another Bell Variant, this time in magenta and white. Tasty.
Giro Remedy, a helmet to get you noticed. Until everyone has got one…
An all-new model from Bell, the Sequence, with another Jimbo design.
The Giro Section weighs in at a claimed 296g. That's pretty light for piss-pot lid.

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  1. Is that the new guy from Shooting Stars?

  2. Never liked the Bell piss pots just because of their awful logo on the front! Like the Ford logo!

  3. Nice helmets. The 2000s are making the 90s look like the 80s.

  4. That Giro Remedy looks like its just made the journey back from the 80’s

  5. I think I saw the same designs in Halfords around the late 80s.

  6. >Never liked the Bell piss pots just because of their awful logo on the front! Like the Ford logo!

    I’ve always thought the same about Bell helmets. The main thing putting me off them is the logo which looks like something you get on children’s toys! Giro, MET etc have logos coloured to match the helmet, Bell just force the same one on everything.

    I also think the Variant looks great – but they don’t do plain versions, every model has some sort of design which are a bit hit and miss

  7. How far down the back of your head does the Variant come? I’m after something Xen-like but me head dunnae fit Giro’s …

  8. I’m loving Mark’s matching t-shirt and glasses.

  9. While I too think the logo looks a bit naff, basing your helmet choice on logo design is utterly bizarre and a new leap forward (backward? downward?) for the stw aesthetes.

  10. adh – have a look at Uvex – stir swears by his and I’ve got one on order as they are pretty xen-like.

  11. the sequence looks neat

  12. Guy Martin had an ace smarty covered pp on the End2End…

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