Valiant T-Shirts are here…

by Chipps 6

Showing far more style and humour than we’re used to in the bicycle world, the guys from Valiant Cycles are here to bring you their T-Shirts.

Ahem - they call this one 'Pump Track'
Hair, model's own.
Dave keeps it lit. The whole Valiant crew were racing at the Singletrack Weekender and competed in the many disciplines (including 'Staying up late' and 'drinking beer')
Judging by the state of them on the Sunday, we're not sure what results it got them...

Now, the T-Shirts are great, but their website needs a visit anyway just for being ace. There’s a serialised Detective Radio Show on there, as well as spoof (well, we hope they are) money saving tips for cyclists – as well as ordering info for their tees. Visit when the boss is away as you’ll need the sound up.

Comments (6)

  1. Old school retro Raleigh spanner! Smashing!

  2. I’ve heard that these lads drink non-alcoholic beer………

  3. love the beer one 😀

    praps on the Next STW weekend, “staying up late” should be an official discipline…

  4. We did NOT drink any of the non alcoholic beer I promise. We took it straight back to the shop and swapped it for some proper stuff and some after sun (check out my arms)…..

  5. …and also took the opportunity to buy virtual reality sunglasses, I see 😛

  6. I like the beer one.

    Nice to meet you guys at the weekend.

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