Danny MacAskill stars in new Doves video

by Chipps 11

Danny’s riding ability and fame level has blown up since one of his YouTube riding video tipped over 7.5 million views online thrusting him into the global spot light.  Appearances in national news papers and on the BBC news, coupled with a large demo at the Fort William World Cup sealed Danny as a cycling super star.

The icing on the cake which caps off a whirlwind year so far for the Scottish rider has to be his appearance in the latest music video for the band Doves.  Their summer single ‘Winter Hill’ sees him using his vast range of riding skills to ride around an urban landscape and further drive him and mountain biking into the mainstream and eyes of music lovers the world over.

In the video he’s pursued by legions of fans (or a raging mob, it’s hard to tell…) and he uses his many skills to confront and evade his pursuers.

Here’s a shot of Danny’s current bike. In fetching brown, it features Race Face Diabolus Riser Bars, Diabolus lock-on grips and Atlas FR cranks in agent orange, a front Hope disc and rear Magura HS33 brake.

Even non-trials riders have to admit that that is a cool looking bike...
Always the gent... Danny with a fan

Not seen Danny’s original video? Here’s the link to our story on it. We were one of the first on the block to break it to the world.


For news on Danny and the rest of The Clan team, visit http://www.mb7.com/TheClan/index.htm or Danny’s own site http://www.dannymacaskill.co.uk/

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  1. Bloody hell, those bike thieves in Manchester don’t give up easily.

  2. I can’t really say I see the reasoning from The Doves PoV, but great exposure for Danny! It’s like the perfect promo for him.

  3. clever marketing if you ask me… how many “danny macaskill” searches do you think youtube get compared to “doves”?

  4. “clever marketing sounds right but the vid should have had a clip of me (or Danny if I won’t get the youtube ratings up) riding the san marino/belmont downhill. Even greater oportunity missed 😉

  5. Beautiful bike, but a wicker basket on the front would complete it.

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