Marzocchi 888 RC3 Evo WC

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For 2010 Marzocchi has taken the 888 back to the drawing board and in doing so have managed to save over 600g in weight.

The bushings have been slotted for better lubrication and are paired to the stanchions and lower legs to ensure tighter tolerances and smother running.

Higher quality Titanium with less coils is used for the main spring saving roughly half the weight over the 2008 spring. Titanium is also used for all the fixing bolts.

Marzocchi removed almost 300 grams by machining and butting the stanchion tubes alone, with nickel plating to keep the tubes strong and durable.

The key to the 888’s performance is the new open bath RC3 Evo cartridge. The Evo cartridge has a serviceable and interchangeable compression shim stack enabling the user to fine tune the ride or use the same settings as Marzocchi’s pro riders.

Weighing in at only 2990g for an open bath, coil sprung fork the 888 RC3 Evo WC is claimed to be “race bike light and free ride tough”.

SSP £1399.95

Expected delivery Sept 09



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    Looking forward to seeing what their trail forks will be offering.

    “SSP £1399.95”


    if argos (the catalogue shop) did all that to thier “launch” forks that seem to come on the 50 quid bikes, they could also make a weight saving of the same figure, but the forks would still be criminal.

    have zocchi sorted out thier QC problems? until they have, theyve lost a fan.

    Sofatester – Same price as Fox 40’s, Boxxer World Cup’s are only £100 less

    They must all be bargains as well then! 😉

    Could be worse, have you seen the cost of the new breed of Manitou Dorado’s?

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