Like sleeping rough? This might be for you…

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So we’re making  Thursday 23rd the  Inaugural Nuit de Bivvy Internationale.

We want as many people to lengthen their night ride and stay out all night. Then on Friday post on the Inaugural Nuit de Bivvy Internationale forum thread with their stories and pictures.

Basic plan is:

Night Ride.

Pub stop (optional if you’re staying local).

Then back out to your inpirational bivvy spot for the night.

As an incentive prizes will be sorted for:

Best inspirational photo of  bivvy spot or view from your bag

Best write up.

Cheekiest bivvy spot.

We’ll be out in Calderdale, where are you going to head to?

Comments (19)

    Robin hoods cave stanage for me, see you on the balcony for drinks at 8!!!

    sounds like a good excuse to try out the new hammock …..

    Sidlaws for me

    Ooh Robin Hood’s, good call. Beautiful bivvy cave on Birchens too – 87 routes in two days once upon a time up there. The Ron Fawcett 100 Extremes in a day challenge for bumblies 🙂

    Which bus stop have you got in mind, Dave?

    Look how innocent and clean shaven I am in that photo.

    All it took was one night of bivvying to turn me into the bearded dirt bag I am today.

    You have been warned.

    Matt’s doing his best zombie impression in the background ;o)

    Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhh – Perhaps Gypsy Glen or Minch Moor area for me.

    Under the royal festival hall, southbank, london…. bottle of thunderbird and a cardboard box. Meet you at 11 for shouting at passers-by as they leave the opera.

    Plan a) Trail work + then deep into Brechfa forest.
    Plan b) Coastal path raid + beach Bivi + coastal path raid.

    hmmm…rain and cold down here in Adelaide…not overly appealing, but it would make it “internationale”

    bivvy’ing scares me. Imagine someone teabagging you whilst you snore :o0

    Can we define a bivvy?
    I assume solo tents, for example, are out but can we use a tarp instead?
    By a tarp, I am refering to a basher / tarp’ slung up typically between some trees, perhaps deep in the Enchanted Forest, just after you cross the Magical Bridge, before you reach the Pricess in her tower.

    Can we define a bivvy?

    Not a tent. Tarps are acceptable if the weather is grimm

    Bivvying in Stretford would scare me too Hora!

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