Kit Just In – Singletrack Magazine’s Mercedes Sprinter

by Ben Haworth 47

A long wheelbase Mercedes Sprinter 311 CDI with access ramp to be precise…






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  1. Some of us ARE getting on a bit and Matt’s only been off crutches for a few weeks.


  2. It doubles as a downhill start ramp too… πŸ™‚

  3. Right colour for ‘moonlighting as undertakers…

  4. What are the graphics going to look like, or have I missed that?

  5. Going to keep the graphics secret until it’s been done but it’s going to look pretty good πŸ™‚

  6. In fact we are actually on the hunt for a good decal business… any suggestions?

  7. Grapefruit Graphics supposedly very good.

  8. I want one without the access ramp. what do they go for? although think i’d be looking second hand ha ha

  9. Try Mick Conway at Insignia 07885789515

  10. Crawford Carrick Anderson runs a decal company now, CCA signs or something, keep the cash in the bike world!

  11. Needs an A-Team stripe!

  12. That’s well cool vans rock.

    Need to get one soon.

  13. Access ramp? Someone been on to you re Manual Handling Regs?

  14. Access ramp for Italian Job / Knight Rider moving access but on bikes!

  15. Couldn’t you get something a bit bigger?

  16. I hope you paid to use 2 parking spaces?

    Definately needs an A-Team stripe.

  17. Worryingly I can see Matt in the drivers seat.

    DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT let him have the keys EVER!!!!!

    I saw Nial after a trip in the Alfa and he looked very poorly!

  18. I like thwe Rainbow Stripes of our latest MTB world champ on our Wheelbase Van personally… πŸ™‚

  19. {i} DaveyBoyWonder Β» July 6, 2009 at 10:15 pm

    I hope you paid to use 2 parking spaces?

    Definately needs an A-Team stripe.{/i}

    Looks more like 4 spaces to me πŸ˜‰

    My wife says the access ramp would be just fine for her wheelchair, thanks lads!

  20. Never mind the bikes, the ramp will be perfect for getting the dessert trolley down with all the post-ride cakes loaded on.

  21. WTF is it with the ramp? Are you boys going all roadie on us? It looks like the start ramp used in the TDF prologue time trial. Have you got Lance in the back of the wagon?

  22. Why the ramp..? can’t you bunnyhop the 26″ into the back of the van… or maybe even lift the bikes in? I see subscribers money being squandered on unnecessary luxuries. πŸ™‚

  23. Needs some pimp wheels and were does the ramp go when not in use. It’s that big you won’t be able to fit anything in the back if that ramps in there. I know of a good decal company based in Chester called sonic signs but they may be a bit far away. There is a good company on the web called van wrap or something similar but they are well expensive.
    Mate had his old van done by them and it looked great but cost his company well over a grand.

  24. The ramp folds up flat against the back doors when they are shut and the ramp came with the van. It’s previous owners used it for transporting motorbikes. We’ve had it resprayed on the outside ready for our graphics. It was a proper white van before.. had a copy of the sun on the dash and some jelly babies in the side pockets πŸ™‚

  25. Are decals a good idea. Bit of an advert for tea leaves surely!

  26. if you have some cash left get some bling rims man!

  27. Where’s it going to be parked? Don’t go leaving no bling in there…

  28. 6 seats 6 bikes and camping gear in the back, very cool biking/event transport. Not so great for nipping down the shops tho I’ll bet πŸ™‚

  29. That thing’s big enough that you should install fold out beds and forget faffing about with tents. That’d give you more riding time too.

  30. “Are decals a good idea. Bit of an advert for tea leaves surely!”

    An advert for what? πŸ™‚

  31. “An advert for what?”
    Do you remember the pictures of Nige Pages Van that had 5 or 6 new bikes taken from it. I think it said something like INTENSE MOUNTAIN BIKES down the side of it.
    Its a bit like my local Snap-On man has got a NO TOOLS LEFT IN THIS VAN etc sticker on the back of his merc.
    But Hey oh, tax and all that

  32. If you put your detail on it you will get it robbed thats for sure.

  33. If you put your detail on it you will get it robbed thats for sure.

    Sadly true. However ‘Singltrackworld magazine’ doesnt mean anything to a Halifax scrote. Its the ‘mountain bike bit’ that does..

  34. My recommendation is to leave a clear view into the back of the van (possibly difficult is i understand that ramp arrangement) and don’t leave nuffing in there. πŸ™‚

  35. Oh. Just looked at pics and noticed it has no windows for the back anywhere, so my previous suggestion won’t work.

  36. Will be great for cheeky shags (err ok taxi’s here)

  37. whats wrong with a transit!
    theres a recession on you know!! πŸ˜‰

    keep the steel wheels, steel is real (and it wont crack on rough tracks/slowly deflate not very slowly/actually be any heavier)

  38. Ollie – I’m the named driver ;-p

  39. The ramp was already with the van when we bought it. We didn’t have it fitted specially or anything, and it’ll unbolt if it’s too much of a faff…

  40. Armaplate lock protectors are pricy but worth the investment – sell the ramp to some MXers to finance them

  41. Keep on top of any rust that appears (and it will) with an almost obsessive edge. Sprinters are all really bad for it as the galvanising isn’t up to scratch, genuine metallics are a lot better than whites. Skidartist is right about the lock guards too, definitely worth the investment.

    Quite a nice looking van, I do reckon the ramp will soon be out though, looks like a right pain.

  42. our work vans are all fitted with trackers.
    dont think its THAT expensive, and you can see where the van is on the website, nice little addition to STW website… “where are we now”

    that and the rozzers can go straight to it if its reported nicked.

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