Watch Steve Peat Make History at The Vallnord DH

by Ben Haworth 6

Watch Steve Peat make DH history. WOOP!

LIVE Webcast NISSAN UCI MTB World Cup Vallnord, Andorra (Player + menu)

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  1. Wicked! Thought Gee looked more exciting in the ragged styley ;]

  2. I cannot listen to ‘shouty’ Rob Warner. He needs to calm down a bit. good run by Peaty, though.

  3. best without the sound on…..

  4. Best WITH the sound on. I absolutely love the commentary. Rob’s definitely the man for the job.

  5. Shame that there weren’t more cameras on track, but awesome to see Peaty on top.

  6. Is it a shouty zippy from rainbow or Murry Walker on steroids on the commentry ! blinding to have 2 brits on the podium though, good work fellas

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