European Handbuilt Bike Show

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67 frame-builders from all over Europe gathered last weekend for the very first European Handmade Bicycle Exhibition ( EHBE ). The exhibition was held in the conference-center of the small town of Schwäbisch Gmünd, close to Stuttgart, Germany.

According to the organisers Indra & Ingo around 3000 customers came to see the custom-made bicycles – some of the visitors even got themselves measured and they ordered their own custom frames.

This more craftsman-oriented alternative to the major European bicycle shows is also the first meeting point for European frame-builders – socialising and networking during and after show hours were also an important part of the event.

Some impressions from the EHBE

Langenberg ( – also picture above) offers custom made frames. As a speciality the transitions between the tubes are filled with solder and then ground – according to Sven (photo) this is a very time consuming task.

Raw, the frame looks like this

and is super-smooth.

After powder-coating it looks like that:
DSC_6482.jpg DSC_6483.jpg DSC_6484.jpg

From the same company: the “Goldj√§ger” Track-Cycle:

DSC_6477.jpg DSC_6479.jpg

Seven Cycles ( )
offers various High-End custom frames and is one of the big players in this niche. The Frames are welded in the USA.

Beautiful titanium – the “7” is applied in different parts of the bicycle.

P1000575.jpg DSC_6446.jpg DSC_6448.jpg

Darren Mark Crisp also uses titanium as his material of the choice ( )
Originating from the USA he is living and working from Tuscany since several years.


P1000577.jpg P1000578.jpg P1000579.jpg P1000580.jpg

Jens Heid offers handmade MTB and Race-bike Frames under his brand-name “Neueck” ( ) – speciality: the cut “N” on the rear end of the bike:


P1000585.jpg DSC_6461.jpg

Also Sram was present – they brought a new hub “Torpedo” with them:
DSC_6462.jpg DSC_6468.jpg P1000590.jpg

With a screwdriver you can change the single-speed-hub from freewheel to fixie within some seconds. The Torpedo hub is available in all these anodised colours.

Zumbi ( )

From Poland: Zumbi – with such a frame riders were competing in the DH Worldcup in La Bresse on the same weekend:
Also by Zumbi: frames for Dirt, Street and 4X

Demon Frameworks ( )

Tom Warmerdam builds sophisticated steel-frames with loads of beautiful details – wow!

P1000598.jpg P1000600.jpg P1000596.jpg

Cycloholic ( )

Its showtime – Cycloholic – Bicycles (?)


Also from Cycloholic: Junk-Art – made from bicycle parts. Very loud! ( Video )


Eccentric: Cerchi Ghisallo ( )
Italy made wooden rims, fenders, carriers.


P1000567.jpg P1000569.jpg

Also custom made in Italy: Race-Bikes “Zullo” Zullo ( ). You find the logo in different spots of the frame:




Raw material for many of the craftsmen:

Steel-Tubes made by Reynolds

P1000625.jpg P1000627.jpg

Something completely different: Street-BMX frames – custom-made by Thomas Dorsch.
Based in Stuttgart he offers the super-light frames under the name of SVEVO ( )


Very exotic: frames made by Brano Meres ( ). Eye-catcher: the bamboo/carbon – Bike:




According to Brano the frame rides like a normal frame – the whole bike weighs under 11 kg. On his website he has more pictures of the bike in action ( )

Accessories from Japan were shown by P1000636.jpg

From Karlsruhe the guys from Fixie Inc. were also attending the show. ( ) On their homelike booth they showed their interpretation of “Cycles for Heroes” (its their slogan).


Need a rig for Bike Polo?

It is new, but already looks old: Rust-look. The frame spent a few weeks in the rain of Karslruhe and oxidated on the surface. Clean air – huh?


P1000644.jpg P1000645.jpg P1000646.jpg P1000643.jpg

Brunn-Parts: handmade by Wolfgang Brunn (left) in Esslingen, Germany ( )


Classic MTB-Stem by Brunn

From Vilters in Switzerland came inventor Florian Schlumpf to the EHBE ( ) :

The super-compact Schlumpf planetary gearbox compatible with the Gates Carbon Drive!



You have to press your heels to the center of the bike in order to shift gears.

Rather nonstandard: Tilo Chlupka from Tilos Bikeshop ( ) with his “Keingelenker” (german for “zero pivot”) dual suspension bike with 80 mm travel.


Tool: The “Raschbl” ( )

A special tool for face milling of postmount adapters:


Reset Racing ( )

Norbert Köhn brought lots of parts with him:

Pedals, tools and different gadgets, which he produces and sells under his Reset label.





Gebla – Georg Blaschke initials make up his company name. ( ) In 1992 he already built his first dual suspension bicycle. In his main job he works as a design engineer at SRAM Germany developing shifters.




Carbon, very light: Nordischer Rahmenbau (“nordic framework”) ( )
Oliver Grest from the northern part of germany builds superlight frames and components – totally handmade and not on the cheap side. This road bike weighs 5,3 kg in total.





Dailybread ( ): Berlin based Götz Haubold manufactures puristic, suitable for everyday use and affordable city bikes Рsweet!





These were my impressions from EHBE 2009 – next year the exhibition will take place again – stay tuned on for more information.

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    WOW. Cant we have a similar show here? 🙁

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    that dailybread is lovely

    if we had one in this country i’d be skint

    Seriously though. I stopped going to car shows when they resembled 10+car dealerships crammed under one roof with a £ charge to get in. I know there are new bike product launches etc but the above, well everything there is worth pouring over not just ‘oh there four more spesh tyres on display’. There was a handmade show in America recently- I must have stared and revisited each pic constantly!

    You could have tried proof-reading after the translation.

    Show was great, well worth the trip…Really well organized and a real friendly easy going atmosphere..Will sort my photo’s and post a link…

    Brunn rigid fork looks interestiong, but nothing on their website. Bah!

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