Fresh Goods

by Tom dB 32

Should you decide that your full XTR drivetrain is a bit pedestrian you may want to look at spicing it up with Shimano's Yumeya collection. Benefits include more white and gold detailing, a small weight saving and helping out our ailing economy. Not for the thin of wallet.
Yumeya does come in very pretty boxes if that helps you justify the outlay. Sim has plans for this haul.
Bontrager Satellite Fusion Gelfoam gloves, designed to ease pressure on your palms. They also have an impressive amount of snot wiping material. Good work Bontrager.
Prototype waterproof jeans from Howies with an important public service announcement.
Mavic have an extensive range of shoes and clothing this year. Here we have the quite distinctive Fury XC shoes. No, we haven't Photoshopped the photo.
The Mantra is slightly easier on the eye than the Fury. Quite Tron like.
The Mantra is available with a specific overshoe that fits the sole perfectly.
Mavic Switchback jersey, in non-eye-watering green.

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  1. waterproof jeans!? eh?

  2. Waterproof jeans avoid embarassing stains on a night on the beer.

  3. Do Sim’s plans involve a Ti frame?

  4. “Do Sim’s plans involve a Ti frame?”

    Nope 🙂

  5. You lot seem to be blagging some nice gear at the moment…

  6. Will Howies waterproof jeans cost more than Sombrio Waterproof jeans?…..hmmmm

  7. Treated denim? Or something else?

    What’s Sim blinging up? Is it red and carbon?

  8. Fresh goods is starting to feel like a portal to another world 🙂

  9. “What’s Sim blinging up? Is it red and carbon?”
    Nope 🙂
    Aluminium and bouncy.

  10. “Treated denim? Or something else?”

    The Alpkit jeans were silicon coated denim, so it may be something similar. They are a great idea but are water resistant rather than waterproof. Be interesting to see how waterproof these ones are

  11. I’ve seen those Morrison Supermarket shoes somewhere before.

  12. I think Howies already do other stuff in the same coated denim as the Alpkit ones used so I expect it’ll be the same.

  13. are the Howies waterproof jeans going to be from the same material as the Alpkit ones but twice the price?

  14. Nope – four times the price.

  15. Blimey, it’s another world, all that nice kit to play with….. what happens to it all after the review is written?

  16. Will anyone but journos get to “upgrade” to Yumeka. Especially since the “crisis”?

  17. Do Sims plans involve a taste bypass?

  18. £823 for that pile of boxes, and you still need your XTR group… Ouch!

  19. Shiny shoes, and now yellow shoes. This is truly the website of dreams.

  20. the yumeya website is quite nice, and apparently “combination of silver and gold colour design makes stylish image”


  21. “Do Sims plans involve a taste bypass?’
    Most probably.

  22. Remember… He’s doing it for you..

    What a guy!


  23. Indeed.
    I wonder what the Japanese for martyr is? 🙂

  24. Alpkit already sell waterproof jeans, £55.

  25. Remember… He’s doing it for you..
    What a guy!

    Thats okay i will let him off no one deserves to suffer that much

  26. It’ll be fine once covered in mud and road filth (that goes for Jeans and Yumeya).

  27. you need to be either fast,colourblind or crazy to wear those yellw bootees

  28. I wonder if the Japanese have a saying which is equivalent to ‘Guilding the lily’? Help me out here as my Japanese isn’t strong like the tiger, so does ‘Yumeka’ translate to be ‘Pointless’?

  29. Yumeka probably means something different to YUMEYA.

  30. Mavic Switchback jersey, in non-eye-watering green.

    I LIKE. Is it available for sale soon???

  31. Duhh (google), how does it come up’ in terms of sizing? I have a fantastic rack of moobs (42″ chest) and 6ft tall. Was thinking of large.

  32. Mister P, Ya got me! Gomen nasai. Yumeka is a writer in couple of my Manga comics. Easy mistake to make although it doesn’t change the fact that Yumeya is pointless money making exercise. The performance benefit will be negligible. I know that PDiddy wore an Azonic T in one of his videos but surely Shimano don’t think there is a market in Hip Hop Bling?

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