SRAM XO in Colours…

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We’re sure that everyone’s seen the leaked photos of SRAM’s new 10 speed ‘XX’ groupset, so rather than reprint a photo that was taken on a phone in a Powerpoint presentation, we proudly present some other shots for your delectation/whingeing.

Keen to keep the people lusting after their carbon and aluminium XO groupset, and to match more ‘on trend’ coloured bikes, SRAM will be coming out with a series of coloured XO editions… Expect to see this this summer…


Now which one is your favourite flavour?

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    ooh I love the tango one. Just hope the have sorted the jokey wheel bearings out.

    Speaking (typing?) as someone that’s just shelled out £30-odd to replace *just* the silver shifter lever on my RH X0 shifter, I’ll pass.

    It’s X9 for me from now on.

    It’s not april yet is it?

    Thank god for that – no chance of me being tempted to part with wads of cash for that lot 🙂

    Gold highlights only here thanx.

    And thinking on bit, to my way of thinking maybe they should only be offering coloure sets as OEM stuff to order by bike factories.

    In this current climate, which bike shop is going to want to stock a high end gruppo in a variety of colours some of which certainly will end up in the Sales bin?

    Can’t help thinking this hasn’t been thought through. Or of course it’s always possible that SRAM policy of supply that the general public will not be privvy to, such as bespoke colours only available on order.

    The gold’s not too bad, but the rest are absolutely gopping!

    Those are unbelievable. Unbelievably bad that is! Especially the cranks with the big writing on them – they look extremely unclassy. Poor colours too – and this is coming from someone who rides a day-glo orange clockwork!

    I’m still very much of the opinion that these were done up by a SRAM Fanoboi with a copy of Photoshop.

    I guess we’ll see come Sea Otter though.

    Jeez – have you guys gone all Gok -or what?

    I never thought I’d hear the phrase “on trend” used here.

    Disgusted of Brum

    Of course it could be a SRAM free market research tool. Leak out some photoshop’d pics of potentialideas to the net and gather the free market data supplied. From the replies so far on STW if I were SRAM I’d be putting thisone in the waste bin.

    Yup, they are just checking how willing you are to be gouged, expect a £5000 gruppo from SRAM sometime soon..

    Wasn’t it Chipps who had the leopard print SRAM rear mech all those years back? Let’s blame him! 😉

    Yes I did have a leopard print rear mech. It was ace – until it shattered JRA…

    What no Purple!

    Ooooooooh i kind of like the pink stuff, not sure about the cranks though

    OMG. Didn’t Shimano do a special edition of LX about 4 years back in that black/gold?

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