New frame from that Brant Bloke

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Shedfire is pleased to release pictures of the first frame that’s been finished. 

The Ragley Ti hardtail has been fabricated by Lynskey Titanium in Chattanooga, USA. 


Made from a variable wall thickness tubeset, the frame features an 

asymmetric chainstay assembly that we haven’t thought of a name for yet. 

Saying “it’s a bit of plate, with two cuts and two bends” doesn’t sound very 

good, but we’re pleased with the results. 


Cable guides are ‘bolt on, bolt off’, and fitted into the frame with alloy riv- 

nuts, which can be replaced if you’re heavy handed. We’re asking Lynne from 

Rothwells in Todmorden to find us the perfect P-clip and bolt combo. She will 

sort it. Geometry of the frame is best described as “Calderdale New School”, with a 

67.5deg head angle, 73.5deg seat angle, when the bike’s set up with 140mm 




There will also be a chromoly steel and “funky aluminium” version with the 

same geometry. The frame will be sold under a new brand name, which is being finalised right 

now (the details are with someone else’s lawyers).  Pricing for the ti frame will be “competitive” and should be announced in the 

next four weeks. 

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