Rob Lee’s Rather Large Ride

by Ben Haworth 6

Starting today, Rob Lee of the Iron Horse Extreme race team will, as the second part of his 7ds project, attempt to pilot his Iron Horse MK 111 through all 7 Red-graded trails of the 7Stanes in the Scottish Borders, and also ride between each, in one journey!
Thanks to the latest project sponsors SPOT – – He will be equiped with the SPOT Satellite Messenger and so the whole attempt will be available to track live on Google Earth. So while you may not want to ride that far yourself (or maybe you do and want to see the route?) in one go you may like to see just how far he’s got at some point over the course of 24 hours!
As some of the most visited trails centres in the country the 7ds crew felt that riding all 7 Red Graded trails, and all the road sections between, made for a modern day challenge that a large proportion of the mountain bike community could relate to. Whether it can be done by a soloist within 24 hours remains to be seen, but we hope to be somewhere closer to the answer some time on Tuesday morning.
To avoid the obvious possibility of congestion potential within the trail centres his ride is scheduled to start at 10am on Monday 30th of March and finish some time the next morning. Again progress will be available for all to track online but, unlike the Welsh Coast-to-Coast ride that team mate Dave Buchanan completed last weekend unsupported, this ride will combine both Road and Offroad so Rob will swap bikes between the disciplines.
You can keep tabs on Robs progress live on the following link

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  1. You can read about what Dave Buchanan did on his site:

  2. wasnt there a team challenge like this a while ago?

  3. Swapping bikes midway through a ride isn’t something I can relate to, I go with friends not a support team. Good luck though, it’ll be tough regardless.

  4. I while ago I passed a chap all decked out in racer gear on my way to work – I noticed that he had “Rob Lee” on his top tube and I was chuffed to have “dropped him” on my local hill. No doubt he was winding down from a monster endurance ride lol.

  5. Yeah, 23 hrs, 13 mins and 3 seconds, awesome ride by a real nice guy who just loves riding a bike, well done Rob

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