Klunkers Trailer Out Now

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Klunkerz is a painstakingly shot and researched film about the very early days of mountain biking. Even grizzly old veterans here in the office have enjoyed watching it and despite how much we thought we knew about the early days, we’ve all found it informative and full of stuff we didn’t know.

Anyway, previously the only way to find out what the film was like was to actually buy it, so Director Billy Savage has done a neat three-minute Youtube preview for you.

Klunkerz DVD is on sale in the Singletrack online shop too!

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    I thought the trailer was supposed to come first!?

    film is ace: whether you believe this was the beginning of mountain biking or not – it is still a top quality documantery about that era in time. makes me want to go ride.

    It’s on Extreme Sports Channel (Sky 419) at 2100 on 29 March and 2000 on 25 April.

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