Gisburn Forest Trail Building This Sunday

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There’s a trail building task this Sunday – 22nd March (Not the usual Saturday).

The access from School Lane is normally locked but it gets unlocked when there is a task day. Ignore the dates on the map – they were for last year.

10am to 2pm ish – no one is clocking on or off though. Just have a good time and don’t put any joints out! The track magically extends as you talk 🙂

Drinks and biscuits provided. Bring a packed lunch though.

In related news, trail designers Rowan Sorrell and Nikki Whiles (from Back On Track) are now on site working with contractors John and Simon Moore on the first 6km of the new xc trails. Tempting as they look PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DON’T RIDE THE NEW SECTIONS until they are officially opened, they need time to set hard. Riding them too soon will just destroy them for everyone.

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    I was there two weeks ago helping out. It’s great fun and everyone seems to just muck in an crack on with the job in hand, having a laugh along the way..

    The way I see it is the more of us who help out the quicker the trail will be ready to ride!!!

    I’ll be there again this weekend.. (if anyone cares ;-)lol)


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