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We know (from our web stats) that no one really does any work on a Friday afternoon (or a Monday morning, come to that) so we’ve collected a few of the YouTube clips we’ve been sent this week and present them here for you to burn your boss’s bandwidth on… All the clips should play within this window, or double click to go to the original pages of each.

First off – you may have heard of ‘Ray’s MTB Park’ in Cleveland, Ohio – it’s a huge warehouse, filled with wooden ramps and jumps to ride when the weather’s bad. Here, some of Dirt Rag’s women readers took it over for a weekend. Now… who said that girls can’t ride jumps? Take a look…

And here’s the first in a series of (currently) five YouTube clips from DMR Bikes whose riders held a ‘trail exchange’ with some of their German pals.

And what would you do if you had a big ton of money and 20 acres? (And were a motocross legend?) – Have a look at Travis Pastrana’s back yard for some idea of what the other half get up to…

And finally, our very own Benji went off to Stanage during the week to shoot some of the Cotic riders who were doing a photoshoot there.

Cotic on Stannage from Singletrack Magazine on Vimeo.

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    Plantation route – as good fun mid-winter, as a late summers evening trying to make last orders and last train back to Sheffield….

    Travis Pastrana’s mum is going to go nuts when she sees what he’s done to her back garden.

    What’s the music on the clip at Ray’s MTB Park?

    offthebrakes – I’d hazard a guess that it’s ‘Aydin’ – the band that Karen from Dirt Rag plays drums for –

    What jacket is that in the last clip? Is it a British army desert smock?

    Cheers chipps, it is Aydin – “Silver Surf”. Very dreamy 🙂

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