This Sunday the 661 Mini Downhill Returns to the Forest of Dean

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The race was oversubscribed weeks ago with lots of excited new riders all eager to give Mini Downhill racing ago.

Downhill history will be made this weekend with the UK’s first ever “Rippers” downhill category (that’s kids from 10 year’s old). There are 7 riders on the start list all eagerly awaiting the start of their first Mini Downhill race.

Rockstar Energy Drinks are hot footing it from London to the Forest of Dean to give away free cans to all the riders and spectators.

Practice starts at 9am with racing action starting at 11am, 2 race runs followed by podiums and top prizes from the race sponsors 661, Royal and Sunline.

Full details on the new website

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    I did the run yesterday on my 2009 Prophet 1, came last in the Veterans class but was just was happy to cross the finishing line intact. The Rippers that made the run must have had some guts because the first third of the run was serious stuff.

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