Been offered a hot Marin?

by Chipps 16

The prototype 4X bike - stolen...


The missing gear includes:

  • 1 prototype short-travel Marin 4X bike – the only one in the UK
  • 1 prototype Marin Attack Trail – different geometry to standard spec
  • 4 Marin Wolf Ridge bikes
  • 4 Marin Mount Vision bikes
  • 2 Whyte E120 bikes
  • Tools, THE full-face helmets and boxes loaded with pedals and spares

The Marin 4X bike is the only of its kind in the UK and has a custom white paintjob with gold and red graphics. It has a white RockShox Revelation fork, deep-section rims with Mountain BikingUK stickers on, and a very trick build.



The Attack Trail is bright orange and has a slightly slacker head angle than stock. It has a 38-tooth chainring with MRP chainguide up front, Hope brakes, Answer handlebars and RockShox Pike forks with Push tuning.

ATB Sales are offering a reward for recovery, or for information leading to recovery, of these bikes. If you have any information, call them on 07775 786709

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  1. Leaving that amount of kit in a van overnight is kind of asking for it!

  2. hardly, the scumbags should have there hands cut off.

  3. Ain’t half rough around leisure lakes.

  4. asking for it…!!

    what is the world coming too…??
    what an ass………….

    maybe atb sales did not have the choice, maybe the guy is travelling the country working for a living, having to carry many bikes all the time..

    i suppose you feel the same about girls in short skirts, twohats.?
    it seem your name fits you perfectly….!!

  5. hmm. Leaving that amount of stuff in a van overnight IS asking for it.

  6. yeah…
    its much better when you can take 12 bikes into your hotel room with you at night but some people on reception really dont like it..!!
    they can be real arseholes about that kind of thing…

    a bit like you…………… DH.!

  7. That Marin’s hardly subtle, it’s got to show up.

    Shame about this, they’re really nice people.

  8. If they were left in the usual ATB sales liveried vans then it was taking a very big risk. As for hotels not liking bikes in the room, it’s not a big job to ask and if they say no find a place that’ll let you.

    Sorry to see them getting ripped off this way but at least it’s nothing that can’t be replaced.

  9. Jesus you guys are idiots…!!

    I really hope you dont get YOUR bike nicked but I sure wont be sorry if it does happen………..

  10. I, for one, am not saying the guy deserved to have his van done over and bikes stolen, but in this day and age, sad as it may be, if you leave bikes or ANY expensive kit in a vehicle for any length of time, some thieving scum will seek it out and take it! We all know this and are constantly warned not to leave valuables in unattended vehicles. If I was to leave a van parked up overnight with that amount of kit in it, I would be, A, crapping myself about leaving it overnight in a unsecured car park and B, would not be so surprised the next morning to find the contents missing, especially if it was parked up in Bury!!! Its a sad reflection of our times unfortunately…
    Idiot I may be, but I know there are lots of thieving scum out there that would like the opportunity to take my bikes, I just try to lesson the chances of that happening by not giving them the chance!

  11. I think Sea-Urchin has rather effectively demonstrated the ‘head in the sand’ approach to bike & vehicle security.

    They took a risk, sadly they didn’t get away with it. 12 bikes being lifted hints rather strongly that they were targeted by people who had the ability to remove that many bikes quickly – we’re certainly not talking passing scrotes.

  12. I’m not burying my head in the sand..
    i just don’t think we should criticise the fella that had no choice..!!
    Yes its a problme, yes its very hard to cover every situation, BUT I think that the people that say they were ASKING for it (see above) are idiots……..

    Lets show a bit of compasion and do what we can to help..

    Dont think I’ll bother checking this thread anymore.
    Over and out…!!



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