Helmets & Foldable Locks from Abus

by Ben Haworth 2


The Abus Lane-U: although it’s primarily marketed as a commuting helmet we think this helmet will appeal to mountain bikers looking for something a bit less XC but not overly dirtjumpy “p*sspot” style. 18 vents, ZoomLite adjustable  retention system, plush internal padding, not much exposed polystyrene. Available in black, white, grey and Louis Vitton-esque “Logo”.


The Abus Urban I (apologies for the slightly blurred pic!): again, a helmet aimed at tarmac riders but should also appeal to trail riders too. Especially night riders – there’s a built-in rear LED and a triangle of Scotchlite refelctive material on the rear. 21 vents, integral insect mesh, detachable peak, ZoomLite adjustable retention system. Available in black, silver, blue and tweed(!)


The Abus Bordo Granit X-Plus Folding Lock: for riders who don’t want to carry a D-lock (or can’t fit one in their rucksacks or on their frames) there’s this “Gold Secure”-rated foldable lock. 85cm long.


And here it is in its folded-up guise – complete with sturdy carry case that can be strapped to your bike’s top tube or down tube etc. We like how it doesn’t take up so much room in your bag when not in use but when it’s unfurled it can be locked around large things that most D-locks struggle with (eg. streetlights). And it’s still well up there in the security stakes too.

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  1. Should’ve gone to Specsavers 😉

  2. can’t decide on that 1st lid, couldn’t you have photographed it on someones noggin? 😀

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