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  • Ewan

    Trying to get my WTB LaserDisc Trails to seat with a Joe’s No Flats kit. Can’t get it to seat at all, even with copious amounts of fairy liquid – any tips?


    What tyres are you using???

    I tried to getto/stans kendas Bluegroove / nevegal and Schwable RR/NN And they were all a pain in the arse to get to seat

    Yet Specialised tyres inflated without soapy water

    IIRC the wtb rims are a pain to go tubeless with do a google search

    Premier Icon Shackleton

    Try running a tyre lever around the tyre bead to pull it out to the edges. Also try pulling some string/rope etc tight around the tyre to press the centre down. This pushes the bead out, just remember to release the rope before you pump too much.

    FWIW I’ve seen some WTB laser disc tubeless wheels set up and the rider reckond they were hard to set up as tyres seemed to be more baggy on the rim due to the deep section. Maybe try tighter fitting tyres (maybe Geax TNT tyres which are too tight to get on Stans tubeless rims!)?

    Bear with them, they’re difficult to do because of the shoulder WTB put around the edge. This makes it difficult for the tyre to seat (it needs to push over the ‘lip’ of the shoulder) however in my experience made for a better seal and a more robust set up once done.

    Try putting the tyre on with a tube, inflating the tube to 50p.s.i or so. This will pop the tyre into place. Then you can take off one side of the tyre, take the tube out, and re-inflate without the tube. As one bead is already in place, there is half as much ‘gap’ for the air to hiss out of, so it should pop the other bead on fairly easily.


    Hmmm difficulty with the stick the tube in method is that I have to take the tyre off to put the rim strip in (the joes ones sit in the bead lock bit)…

    They’re not particualarly tight fitting 2.25 Maxxis advantages. Will try the string etc.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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