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  • Track Ends or EBB????
  • theflatboy

    as in another thread today, eccentric hub. 🙂


    Track ends.

    Premier Icon singlespeedstu

    Sliders. 😉


    sliders work for me; wouldn’t consider track ends with discs, heard of too many issues re EBBs.

    Premier Icon singlespeedstu


    I’ve got sliders on one bike, track ends on another and EBB’s on three others.

    They all have there good and bad sides.

    agree with Stu, had EBB’s on my all my Rigs, and My Carvers, had sliders on my Kona and a Ti Carver, all great, some had teething problems, all eventually sorted. saying that tho, my next SS will have a conventional horizontal disc compatible track end…..


    Phil wood ebb. used one for 4 years no issues at all. 2 bolts, very simple to use very low maintainence.

    Premier Icon BigJohn

    Geared frame with tensioner every time for me. The reason being that frame designers (like Brant)design a bike around a number of critical dimensions, one being BB to head tube, another being wheelbase/chainstay length.

    Then you fit adjustable BB or dropouts and you change everything. What’s the point in that?

    must admit, brants solution at on-one is the best ive seen so far for a disk compatible single speed. Everything else looks to add on a lot of extra weight or complexity (im thinking slinding dropouts and EBB).


    Track Ends or EBB????



    I’m stuck. Pros and cons?? Phone lines now open!

    track ends do my head in – every time you take the wheel in and out you have to make sure its straight and the disc is lined up properly, and the chain tension is right etc etc etc. and thats before you start using those things to stop the axle moving in the track end.

    sliders – set the tension once (ok, maybe again once the chain has stretched). undo the QR, wheel drops out. put wheel back in and do QR up.
    no alignment issues, no readjusting the for disc. tension is gonna be the same each time.
    sliders are easier than using a mech – nothing to move out of the way to get the wheel out.
    can’t see ANY argument for trackends over sliders, ime (3 bikes with sliders, and 3 with track ends).

    Premier Icon nickc

    had track ends and now an EBB. both are OK mostly. The only thing about track ends is that you pretty much have to use a bolt up rear hub IME, otherwise it all moves about (especially if you use a rear disc brake)

    Premier Icon oxym0r0n

    Neither here too!


    I have had both EBB and track ends

    The EBB is reliable and quiet (honest) and you can drop the wheel easy

    Track ends are a pain in the arse when you have to take the wheel out

    Whyte have the bestest setup I agree with dibbs 😳

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