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  • asterix

    What makes you buy new wheels, other than because you total them or just because you want something new and shiny?

    I have a pair of 10 year old Mavics Ceramics that have been brilliant. Sure they have a bit of wear on the rims (but not much), and the hubs are pretty knackered. Now the free hub has given up -is it time now?

    Would you:

    strip down and replace the free hub – say a £25 job

    Cut the hubs out and have the rims built on new hubs – what a couple of hundred?

    Get on a buy a new pair of wheels – maybe 300 to 400 ish

    By the way, Anyone know of stocks of 26′ ceramic rims?


    Refurbish the hubs for best value.


    Thx Al,

    what do you recon, Hope or XT hubs?

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    are you using rim brakes still ?

    it’s a little bit scary when the rim goes – long shard of alminium thrown off, I imaging potentially could hurt you though it did’nt get me either time I’ve managed it

    So, if wall is well worn I’d replace the rim too (which means new wheel I guess, for value), otherwise rebuild and crack on


    Call me old fashioned, but yes I’m still on rim brakes – its a retro fully rigid aluminium Cannondale frame – so no opportunity to add disk brakes.

    I have split rims before and yes I ended up with big long spiky bits of aluminium sticking out:-)

    This is why I ended up with ceramic coated rims because they last much longer, and give better braking too

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    Refurb the hub.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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