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  • roadies…whats in your saddlebag?
  • carlphillips

    got a bag for my bike for my birthday….
    what to fill it with..? what pumps/co2 thingies fit in them, and are worth buying?
    a spare tube of course and some money/phone…
    what pearls of wisdom can you share ?

    Premier Icon chakaping

    This is a trick question isn’t it?


    Premier Icon scaredypants

    real roadies don’t use saddlebags

    2 tubes, patches, multitool and some cash in mine


    2 tubes, 2 co2 canisters, tyre levers, tyre boot, job done!

    against the “rules” but good enough for cav

    Premier Icon ahwiles

    carl: roadies aren’t allowed saddlebags, apparently it’s in ‘the rules’ or something…

    in mine, i’ve got a multi-tool, 2 tubes, 2tyre levers, my house keys, my phone, and my wallet.

    pump clipped next to bottle cage

    some snacks in my pockets – the ones on my back.

    Premier Icon shortcut

    You should chuck the bag in the bin and unfriend who ever insulted you by getting the bag.


    Premier Icon mrblobby

    Saddle bag? You need one of these. Usually fill it with a tube, a glueless patch kit, a multitool and a co2 cartridge. Oh and park tools tyre levers. Phone and cash then goes other pocket. Gilet or cape also if needed.


    2 tubes, 2 tyre levers, puncture repair kit (in case I’m having a really unlucky day), tyre boot, missing links, chain tool (in case can’t fix with missing link), multi tool (without a chain tool as they’re always shite IMO), normal 5mm allen key to reach a couple of bolts the stubby multi-tool won’t, space blanket


    yeah thou shalt only use thy jersey pockets etc etc… 🙄

    I have a topeak mini clip on saddlebag which neatly holds a tube, two tyre levers, a multitool and a pack of park super patches. There is also some cash floating around at the bottom for emergencies. I normally ride circular routes so I am only ever 10-15 miles from home so dont take a phone. My pump has a nice bottle cage attachement so jersey pockets are free for gels and other such nutritional culinary delights.

    1 tube, self sticking patches, co2 + spare, tyre levers, tyre boot, speed link.

    Used to carry a multitool but in all the years of riding on the road I have never needed to use it so don’t bother now.

    2 tubes
    2 co2 cartridges.
    cartridge adapter.
    small multitool.
    puncture kit.
    tyre boot.
    some cash.
    Debit card.
    Front door key.


    I have one of those micro jobbies, all I put in it are patches, glue, tyre lever. I carry a pump in my rear pocket in the other pocket a ZipFit bar of some flavour or other.

    I’ve never needed anything else thanks.

    CO2, tube, patches, tool, links, brake pads.

    Same on all bikes, saves having to empty the camelbak of 29er tubes, SS chain etc, hope pads, and re-fill with 26″ tubes, 10s chain, shimano pads etc.

    Mini pump under a bottle cage and a 2nd tube in back pocket for dire emergencies/unlucky days.

    Emergency £20note lives under the insole of my shoes, less likely to remember it’s there at a coffee stop and can’t put coins back there so have to replace it if i dip into it.

    Premier Icon lunge

    Tube, tyres levers, multitool, glueless patches, inhaler and house keys. Pump, food and everything else goes in jersey pockets.


    I think some people are confusing saddle bags with tool packs…
    A tool pack is a handy way of carrying your essential maintenance equipment under the saddle(spare tube, multi-tool etc). Stays on the bike and only comes off for racing.
    A saddle bag is a more serious piece of luggage. A mate of mine could get his entire camping kit in one Carradice saddle bag, including tent, sleeping bag, Primus and cooking gear!

    Why would you not just put whatever you normally regard as necessary on a cycling trip in your new bag?

    This is a saddle bag:


    As it has been stated, saddlebags are against the ‘rules’.

    In mine; spare tube, patches, multitool, tyre levers, chaintool, spare link. That pretty much fills it.



    Spare tube, 2 Tyre levers Co2, Glueless patch kit, Spare light battery, and some cash.

    Calling real roadies… please don’t ask to borrow any of it eh ! 😉

    Premier Icon crazy-legs

    One tube, pack of those glueless patches (which work OK on road tubes for a limited time before the pressure blows them off but they’re good enough in emergencies). Tyre lever and a small multi-tool with the basics on it.

    Everything else (phone, cash, card, mini-pump) goes in jersey pockets).


    2 tubes, 2 co2, quick patch, multi tool, quick link, tyre levers

    I put all my stuff in an empty 750ml bottle in my bottle cage. Two tubes, two c02 canisters, tyre levers, split link, couple of emergency patches, two cable ties and a spare £5 note.

    Regardless of the rules saddle bags spoil the look of the bike IMO.

    Premier Icon mogrim

    I put all my stuff in an empty bottle in my bottle cage.

    That’s no use if it’s hot enough to need two bottles, though.

    In mine: spare tube (wrapped in an old sock, stops it rubbing and getting a puncture); tyre levers; multitool; patch kit. Sometimes a just-in-case energy bar. Then I eat it and forget to replace it 🙂

    Pump goes on the frame, food+phone+cash+id+keys go in pockets.

    That’s no use if it’s hot enough to need two bottles, though.

    Two bottles of water on the frame in the summer time and one tube, one canister and patches in the jersey pockets.

    Two bottles of water on the frame in the summer time and one tube, one canister and patches in the jersey pockets.

    Which is fine, if you’re going out for less than 100 miles. Anything longer than an average club run and my pockets end up stuffed with food, layers, more spares, etc.

    And I’ve never understood why a fake bottle is considdered more ‘right’ than a small saddle bag?


    Saddle bag would get in the way of my rear lights, so I use an Osprey Syncro 10. It’s muddy too.

    One day it’ll probably explode in my face or savage a child’s face, but it seems ok at the moment.


    The rules are totally based on looking “pro” – when riding in a grand tour no one needs to use a saddle bag as they have a support car

    Plenty of “pros” use saddle bags when out on training rides – just make sure it doesn’t rattle


    Tube, 2x CO2, 4 and 5mm allen keys, emergency gel. Might stick another tube in if I’m doing 80+ miles


    Imodium instant.
    Just in case!


    bollox to ‘the rules’ never read em never will..

    what co2 inflators are best? I’ve looked at a few but have no experience of them at all…

    Edric 64

    In my Carradice saddle bag are 3 tubes ,tyre levers, multi tool and pump spare top and food .My cycle cape is rolled up and goes on top.


    Much as above: tube, levers, multi-tool, tenner, patch (I think!) and trail mix laced with Haribo.


    tube, levers, multitool and a bit of “shrapnel”.

    bollox to ‘the rules’ never read em never will..

    what co2 inflators are best? I’ve looked at a few but have no experience of them at all…

    Mpart works for me. Easily stowed in a pocket.


    I think some people are confusing saddle bags with tool packs..

    I don’t think so but could also be called a seat pack or saddle pack. I’d never refer to it as a tool pack but hey what do I know.

    Anyway 1 or 2 tubes, 1 or 2 co2 cartridges, lezyne tiny inflator, small multi tool ( which I have used a couple of times), zip tie, small piece of groundsheet (tyre boot), 1 tyre lever. All in an arundel seat pack. Mini pump with a length of gaffa tape round the shaft, phone, money, food in pockets.

    Sometimes I just go mental and take one tube/inflator and cartridge in back pocket.

    Premier Icon 40mpg

    I ditched my saddlebag and stick tube, patches and tyre levers in my pocket, pump on frame.

    The reason – purely so I could fix a decent rear light on the seatpost for use at all times. I don’t want to give them any excuses to not see me!


    Haven’t read “the rules” myself, but from the bits that people keep quoting here, they are obviously a bit of satirical fun, like most of STW. No one would really worry about whether their toolbag spoils the line of their bike, now would they?


    Well my road bike does look better without it but its not a big deal.


    I normally have multitool, tyre lever, spare tube, patches, cash card and whatever paper cash was in my wallet prior to departure. and a pump on its frame mount – 😯

    I thought they were allowed so long as they are not big enough to fit the saddle itself into?

    In mine, 4 tubes, 2 allen keys and a tire lever.

    Edric 64

    Can get a weekends worth of stuff in mine


    Spare tyre, levers, patches, CO2 inflator and canister and a multiple tool. Mine is just a tiny Lezyne jobbie, it’s a tightest squeeze so no rattles here. They do look a bit poo, but its easy as it stays own my bike and saves loading and unloading my jersey all of the time. Also better than looking like a mutant with a dodgy back.

    Phone, cash and food go in the pockets of my jersey.

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