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    I’m going to replace the wheels that came on my Defy composite for something a bit lighter and nicer, can anyone think of a reason to not go for These from Strada for all round use on club runs, evening blasts and all day rides. A little concerned that they may push slightly too light for my. 90kg fat ass build.


    78kg here and mine are fine strength wise.


    I just got a set of hand built wheels from I got kinlin a300 rims with novatec hubs and sapim spokes…£300. 1500g and I’m very pleased!


    I’m about the same weight as you and have just swapped my Roval Fusee SLX23 for something with more spokes, as although they felt great on the flat and picked up really nicely, they were really flexy under power and when climbing. The wheels you suggest have got more spokes, but those rims are really light. Personally I’d go for something a little more designed for the larger gent.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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