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  • Regular forum user seeking help from you all…………
  • mickeyb0305

    Hi everyone,

    Cut a long story short, I’m a mature student currently in 3rd year of sports coaching degree at Teesside University and doing my dissertation.

    The subject is mountain bikers and basically looking at some of reasons everyone rides, types of personality, etc.

    If you could spare 5 or 10 minutes this would be invaluable to myself and much appreciated.

    I know some questions are interesting and may look irrelevant but I have to use academically validated surveys. The ethics department have cleared the use of the following:

    Click here to take survey

    Thank you in advance.

    ps. Please post on here once you have done it so I can thank you!


    I dont ride Forestry Commission [or any other tbh] trail centres so cant help

    Premier Icon geoffj

    Done, but nearly didn’t bother completing it – too many questions, too many americanisms and what is surf-board riding?


    A tad odd and a lot of it is about racing but completed anyway

    Premier Icon weeksy

    Done. 2 questions neasr the end are the same.

    some are good… some are rubbish.


    Cheers geoffj,

    Yeah I know it’s an old survey which I wanted to amend but due to validity was told not to.

    Presume its Surfing….

    Thanks for quick response, much appreciated and mustn’t have taken long!



    Cheers to TJ and weeksy, off to do some other work so thanks to all.

    Target is over 50 so I’m sure STW users can help me on this one!


    Premier Icon franksinatra

    The subject is mountain bikers and basically looking at some of reasons everyone rides, types of personality, etc

    So why the question about enjoying the company of swingers? 😯

    Completed the looong and slightly odd survey anyway.

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    questions were a bit ‘all this or ‘all that’ with no real ‘err, neither really’ choices.


    Sorry, I started that but it was just appalling. The basic premise seemt to be that you’re either a tired old fart or you’re a wild crazy guy.

    My views on sex before marriage/homosexuality/social ettiquette have NOTHING to do with riding a bike.

    You need to rethink your survey


    A lot in it about responses “in the competetive event” which isn’t really relevant to trail centre riding.
    But done anyway.


    I couldn’t complete this questionnaire, so many of the questions make no sense or don’t actually appear to understand the subject about which they’re asking for an opinion.
    Did you take the questions from a Mormon textbook from the 70s? “I would like to meet some homosexuals?” I really can’t believe that there’s an educational establishment in the UK that would approve this.
    Oh, and it might be good to correct the American spelling.

    Premier Icon njee20

    questions were a bit ‘all this or ‘all that’ with no real ‘err, neither really’ choices.


    I can understand why people climb mountains or sail round the world, but I have no particular interest in it!

    Not sure about the question about homosexuals either 😕

    Premier Icon irc

    Sorry. Couldn’t get past Q7.

    “7. Do you participate in any other extreme sports:”

    Which seems to infer that riding MTBs at trail centres is an extreme sport.


    Done. 58 & 59 are the same question. Also, I don’t like to pick holes in others work, but I’m sure you will have to complete some sort of analysis, and as such such, can I suggest…

    With regard to drugs, you ask if the participant likes to get high and then give examples of two depressants (alcohol and marajuana), you also ask about “new” halucinagenic drugs, though traditionally, hallucinations are asociated more with LSD/mescaline & mushrooms, which have been around for years. I suppose you cold consider Ketamine to be a new drug, but this too, has been used recreationally for at least 15 years.

    Also, a few of the questions offer unusual parralells. I can’t remember any specific ones, but a sort of “do you prefer Ice cream or dinosaurs” type of question.

    Please don’t think I’m having a go, I know creating a questionnaire can be difficult and you have to create a picture of your participant as well as getting the info you specifically want.

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    do you prefer Ice cream or dinosaurs

    dinosaurs, but I couldn’t eat a whole one 😉

    Premier Icon cookeaa
    Premier Icon neil853

    Done too. Some pretty odd questions that I didn’t really think gave me the correct range of answers though!


    Really odd and I cant see how you would read the results.


    Give the guy a break. I hate badly worded surveys as much as the next person, but it is an undergrad dissertation in sports coaching not the national census.The method is what is being taught here. And he did explain about repeating an old survey to gain comparable data.

    Premier Icon kayak23

    Done, but far from understood…


    Sorry, crap survey. Fix it or it will be pointless.

    Premier Icon ir_bandito

    Not done. Read the title of the survey and dismissed it as a “bag of w@nk”.

    Premier Icon zbonty

    Based on responses here i’m intrigued but not enough to look at the oddness.

    ..goes to look for another thread.


    Clearly the research is trying to identify a correlation between personality types with attitude to risk and self-confidence in a sporting context- hence, the MBTI/Jung typology questions.

    It would be interesting to see if there is a correlation between personality types and MTB disciplines e.g. XC, XC endurance, Enduro, AM, Trail, DH etc…


    There’s a lot of questions there where both or neither answers apply. Being able to tick all relevant answers would be better.

    Mrs Toast

    Done, but the gay and swinger questions are a bit odd! 😆 Is it also assuming that there are no gay mountain bikers that are likely to participate in the survey? It seems to treat Teh Gays as some sort of strange novelty. “Ooh, a gay! I simply must add him to my collection because as a mountain biker I’m a thrill seeking, modern day Byron!”

    Also, what if you admire people who go sailing in small boats, but have no interest in doing it yourself?

    Premier Icon cookeaa

    I assumed the questions were intended to give a general indication of respondent personality, risk taking/averseness, and perhaps how generally outgoing they were, I guess it focussed on the sort of areas that people primarily associate with risk; Dangerous activities/sports, Sex, Drug and alcohol use.

    The available responses will give a clear picture as they were generally very polarized, but not much depth, you’ll probably find you have either have a lot of sexually uninhibited, booze addled, Risk takers or stone cold Sober, Risk Averse monogomists, and not much inbetween…

    It’s a bit of a “Course sieve” but if the questions were responded to in an honest way I think you could build up a reasonable snap shot of respondents general lifestyles and attitudes against their competitive performance? was that the goal though?

    I think your survey may wind up lacking depth, you now know my age bracket, that I like riding MTBs and what my own impression of my performance on one is, plus you have a reasonable picture of my attitudes to risk taking, sex and booze, but you don’t know much more about my demographics: income bracket, family situation, profession, education or for that matter how much time I actuall spend engaged in MTBing…

    You also only asked if I engage in other “extreme sports”, the responses to that question will give you an incomplete picture of the kind of wider sporting activities that MTBers engage in, I go running often and I know several who play football & Rugby and wouldn’t class those as “Extreme” hence they won’t be caught in your survey data… it would be wiser to ask for all sporting activities and perhaps for people to put Hours per week/month against each…

    Drill down and you’ve got very little useful data it appears…

    Have a good talk with your lecturer, the goal really should be what information do you want to get, or what hypothasis are you trying to test?

    All I can tell from what I just filled out is that you suspect that FC trail centre users are Horny, Beer Monsters who like to take a risk or two, and want to prove/disprove that, if so then the suvey is perfect….

    Premier Icon superdan
    Premier Icon martinhutch

    Tried. But ran into too many questions which were diametrically opposed with no middle ground eg I hate swingers/I love swinging.

    You either had to be angry about something or a wholehearted participant..

    Premier Icon midlifecrashes

    Lol, either this is a troll or you need to get a new University!

    Premier Icon rickon

    Done. I’m assuming the question is whether narcissistic people make good sports people.

    The answer is yes.

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