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  • hainman

    Would this be a good F&R tyre combo.
    I’m looking at some new tyres and the price for these seem a bargain….
    I ride a bit of canal path to keep the legs going,natural trails,Xc and trail centres…..
    Mostly trail centres are carton valley or the new Cathrin brae so it’s mostly gravel trails with the odd Glentress or inners visit once every few months…
    My current set up is baron up front with rubber queen out back…



    Apparently work a bit better as a rear tyre, just bought one of these and a £15 Chunky Monkey for the front. Bargain. It does depend on whether you want a huge 2.4″ on the front tho 🙂


    The baron I run is 2.4 on the front and doesn’t leave much room to be honest rubs my mucky nut………

    Premier Icon Cheezpleez

    I’ve got a 29er Smorgasbord as a rear and it’s quite drifty. Don’t think I’d put one on the front.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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