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  • nicolaisam

    Looks good TLR.

    I like the black ano on a Nicolai.Love My AC 650b,good neutral handling,climbs well,descends even better than my old AC


    Looks very familiar Simon 🙂

    It has a nice low bb so watch those pedals….. 😉


    Any Pedal strikes??


    Will this be the bestest best bike ever ever ever?!


    How big is that frame?

    Premier Icon geoffj

    I like Nicolais in general, but that seat tube angle just looks wrong. 😕


    Any Pedal strikes??



    Not yet and its 1.5cm above my fireline EVO static.

    HorA, med ST and long TT.

    Chunky, not sure as kermit was very very good indeed…..

    Premier Icon roverpig

    Very nice. Any pictures of it dirty yet? It’s not as though you were lacking for rain over the weekend, so no excuses 🙂


    I also got a new Nicolai this weekend. It’s everything I’d hoped it would be, absolutely delighted with it.

    Premier Icon Chainline

    Yeti man, BB is higher than on the std Nicolai ST so there won’t be any trouble with pedal strikes 😉

    ST effective angle is 73deg in that configuration but the ST itself is offset by 40mm meaning it looks much slacker but isn’t. nNicolai don’t do bent tubes so its a different way of achieving what most other manufacturers do by hydroforming. Nicolai think that weakens the structure too much. Which is why it makes the seat angle look different even though its likely horizontal.

    well it got a proper run tonight over some of my favoured local trails.
    it hides it’s weight surprisingly well [@29lbs ish], rides nice, no pedal strikes, stable but bars remain crazy wide at 800mm, although i’m getting more familiar with them.

    the TALAS is defunct, but I’ll perserver on steeper climbs with it and see if I need it or if a FLOAT would be more appropriate.

    neither the SA or HA are issues but it does ride SOLIDLY !

    not too dirty out there bizzarely, heres a dirtier pic :

    IMAG0262-1 by the_lecht_rocks, on Flickr

    Premier Icon Chainline

    It looks, right. But I would say that!

    really impressed so far with the XX1, but the best thing about it is the sheer silence……….. not even a mechanical squeak or whisper – silent !

    chainline – can you confirm the 4 travel settings at the rear please ?

Viewing 17 posts - 41 through 57 (of 57 total)

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