Making an online ordering system

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  • Making an online ordering system
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    So, very very vaguely.

    I want to create an online ordering system. Fairly simple in it’s outlook, tbh simpler the better.

    Something like:

    Product list, each product will have different options, all with charges applied to them. (Being able to customise the order stuff would be useful, but not critical, more critical is that a user can log in uniquely I’d guess)

    Client can order and pay for what ever, and importantly attach files to said order, images and text.

    Job done as far as they are concerned. Obviously having things like them being able to see progress of ordering and things is highly desireable

    on the backend I want to be able to download files, update progress on the jobs(I guess the ability to customise the steps would be handy) and do invoicing(though I guess that would be automatic if payment accepted at the beginning and collect the cash, obviously.

    Now, that’s a very vague idea, but you get the point, hopefully.

    Anyhow, any off the shelf options I should be looking at for this kinda thing? I know what I want in my head, so once I got into the nitty gritty, assuming, not too difficult, I should be able to set it up as I want.

    I’ve got half a clue about computers and some html/css knowledge and I can plug in bits of javascript and the like, but I don’t really want to be messing about with code type thing. I just want to get a system up and running, with a minimum of flaff.

    So, any paid or non paid systems I should be looking at for this kinda thing? not something I’ve done before.

    Cheers in advance.


    -I’ve never used it, but know people who do.


    There are quite a few off the shelf platforms around.  The level of sophistication, your budget, integration with other  systems (like stock, shipping, finance), volume of products, and transactions payment options.

    Im out of touch with the latest options but whilst there is a cost there is value to having a system that is managed/hosted by a professional rather than diy.  You presumably want to spend your time making/shipping product not upgrading/patching software and trying to add new features.

    Something like Magento might be massively overspecced, but could do what you need.  At the other end I am sure WordPress and some plugins would do what you want today but potentially with more effort to set it up.  Joomla* will both have multiple options too, although the learning curve can be a bit steeper than WordPress.

    *ive no personal experience but Drupal must have similar capability and there is a Drupal guru here.

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    yes tbh, I can’t be doing with messing about with code for this, I’m way out of my depth for anything before static web pages, really just want something that works and is easy to create the type of ordering system that I want, so something paid would probably be the best option, could handle and outlay if it had everything I wanted or atleast guaranteed trust. So many if you google that, haven’t really got a clue what is worth trusting tbh.

    Ideally I would like to sit down with a developer and create the entire system I have in my head, but well that’s not going to happen for a long time untiI i have reason to justify it and the clients, so off the shelf it is for start up purposes. (I’ve worked with certain systems over the past 10 years that I know for a fact I could make 100 times better for myself.)

    It’s not entirely crucial, but particularly from the point of invoicing, you’d want that as automatic as possible.

    I guess it doesn’t actually need any special features either to begin with now I think about. Could just use an off the shelf service, accept a charge and once processed I just contact the client direct via email. hmm guess that could work to get started.

    Premier Icon seosamh77

    ps will have a gander at all suggestion and links btw, cheers for the thoughts.

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