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  • smaca

    I’ve booked a day off on Friday, and my riding buddy has just managed to bag the day off too. Rather than waste the day drinking, or playing GTA5, we have decided to have a “big” day on the bikes.

    Neither of us have had a proper skills course, and both think that would be a good laugh so could try and do that (late notice I know).

    Failing that another is to head somewhere new (to us, so NOT Cannock / Peaks / Pines).

    Based in Notts, and want to minimise car travel as much as poss (couple of hours each way max).

    Any suggestions greatly appreciated.


    sherwood forest is near you and has woodland trails


    go for distance instead of gnar?!
    you could head out and back on any nearby sustrans routes or back rural lanes. 100km? / 100 miles?
    or cycle to somewhere interesting for lunch?
    or cycle somewhere further away then you would normally would and get the train back or VV. A quick check of Google maps shows skeggy is 85 miles away from Nottingham, sounds perfect for a big day ride.


    @ Potato..

    Was riding there last night, so I’d rather spend the day watching The Kardashians, at least that would be something different.




    looks like there’s a sustrans route going north from notts, through Newark and up to Lincoln. It’s all a bit flat out there so you should be good for some mileage. Failing that research some routes you haven’t done yet. There’s a few here: http://singletrackworld.com/trailguide/uk/east-midlands/east-midlands/
    I’ve done the ticknall tour and can recommend it, there’s not much tech but there’s of speed and tons round there to make up to a full day.

    Righto, just thinking what is local to you, I guess the enarest challenging stuff would be the peaks

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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