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  • Longest singletrack in the lakes?
  • Not actually measured it but bowderdale, Howgills – soooort of on the way home/there too, assuming your travelling from the south.

    Styhead may also qualify but tricky/hike a bikey

    Rosset Gill to Wasdale? Again hike a bikey

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    High Street?

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    I’ve also done the Ullswater ‘singletrack’ but wasn’t that impressed

    Really? What were you expecting?

    Have you tried coming off Helvellyn down from Sticks Pass?
    Also, Ullock Pike off Skiddaw (cheeky, but well-ridden)
    And, Black Sail Pass to Wasdale Head. But that takes a reasonable loop to get there and back.

    For a bit more flow and less tech: on the Borrowdale Bash, you can go down from Walla Crags to Ashness Bridge, also continue up from Ashness Bridge on the west side of the beck from Hogs Earth up to the tarn.


    I’m going up the lakes next weekend and I shall ascending helvellyn and down dolly with that piece of single track from the tarn that is supposed to be ace. I’ll have time to do another ride and was after knowledge of where I could find another piece of stonking single track.

    I’ve already done: up n down the front of skiddaw, roudn the back o’ skiddaw and down lonscale, also down the old train track through threlkeld and down lonscale. I’ve done the borrowdale bash and I’ve also done the Ullswater ‘singletrack’ but wasn’t that impressed. I’ve never been to grizedale or anything around Coniston but that’d be a bit of a trek from glenridding. Am I missing out on anything else? or recommendations for long singletrack for next time?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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