Leaking UST around the bead – will Stan sort it out?

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  • Leaking UST around the bead – will Stan sort it out?
  • poppa

    Not sure, probably, but I wouldn’t want to ride tubeless without sealant anyway!

    The seal with the tyre is made on the inside face of rims ‘hook’. Its this where the damage is? If not, its a red herring.

    Some spooge is very likely to help though – but made sure you distribute it properly on the inside of the tyre.

    Premier Icon ir_bandito

    Use an inner tube? 😉


    art shop latex – £10 a litre and dries fast to seal even non-ust rims. bit of wet and dry to smooth it first then wipe some latex around the area.

    also doesn’t cause such mess when removing tyres / fixing flats etc and once dry it can be peeled off the tyre. i don’t use branded sealant anymore, waste of £ imo. i’ve had just one flat in almost 3 years now, although a thorn causes the odd very slow flat it’s nothing that re-use of some std latex doesnt sort.

    Poppa – I never have in the four years I’ve been running UST… Is this bad? 😳

    Scienceofficer – that was my thinking too, hence buying them in the first place.

    ir_bandito – how’s the belt-drive? 😛

    Cheers Jimbo – where do you get yours?


    If it works for you it works… don’t you ever get punctures?


    art shop in a town near you, but nearer me ) near waitrose. i have some if you want to try it.

    I know the one. I may take you up on that if that’s OK. 🙂

    Poppa – yes, but not many. Got more recently – I guess my tyres are getting older – which is also prompting the decision.


    no probs, pop over sometime.

    Just got hold of a second set of UST wheels, but the rear has a small amount of scuffing around the edge of the rim (like it’s been rolled along without a tyre on).

    While one un-scuffed wheel is fine and holds air, the other scuffed wheel loses all pressure within 30mins from a Maxxis LUST tyre. It was seated using a lube and pumped up to 50psi – the spit test shows that it’s actually coming out around the bead. I’ve yet to test it in the bath, but logic tells me that this is the case all around the bead – there were no obvious signs of one point of escape for the air.

    I don’t use Stan’s at the moment on my other wheelset, but have considered the idea after repairing a few UST tyres and will be getting some soon.

    However, do you think Stan’s will seal this rim/tyre combo?

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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